Amazon Seller Software launched by FeedbackWhiz to expand its service portfolio

SAN JOSE, California, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – FeedbackWhiz is pleased to announce a key service extension with the official launch of its software integration into 8 new global Amazon marketplaces. With an excellent background in the high-tech software industry, the company specializes in providing reliable and intuitive software solutions. The advanced automation and management software has been specially designed for Amazon sellers to help them increase their profits and reviews on the 20 Amazon marketplaces.

You can find more information about FeedbackWhiz at

Sellers can use FeedbackWhiz’s advanced Amazon seller tools to boost business, improve seller feedback, monitor ads, automate email campaigns, get more product reviews, and analyze seller profits and accounting data. To help users get the most out of these tools, FeedbackWhiz offers a comprehensive tutorial and onboarding library along with videos and step-by-step instructions to maximize Amazon profit and sales.

Some of the key features and tools introduced by FeedbackWhiz include

  • Email Automation: Automated “Request a Review” button or create automated Amazon TOS-compliant email campaigns to generate more reviews.
  • Product Monitoring: Real-time alerts to notify sellers of changes to product listings and monitor new product reviews.
  • Reviews management: a single interface to manage, search and download all product reviews. Helps gain valuable insight into customers by identifying trends.
  • Profits and Accounting: Provides more in-depth information and analysis to increase profit margins by measuring the AUR and performance of all Amazon products and the cost of goods over time.

Other notable features include multi-account and agency solutions, custom labels and ratings, real-time refund integration, positive seller feedback integration, multi-market data aggregation, reporting downloads, the sales and orders search engine, as well as the best customizable products and trend tracking.

“We have seen tremendous growth in Amazon’s newly expanded international markets. Amazon sellers are rapidly expanding their business into these new markets with a great opportunity for growth. As an industry leader, we have made it a priority to offer our services in these new markets to help sellers increase their revenue, ”said Henson Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of FeedbackWhiz.

“Selling on Amazon is not as easy as AMZ. There is more than just a product launch. Review analysis, customer service, marketing, average unit sale – Amazon sellers need to know and do a little. of everything. The right tools and metrics can make selling a lot easier. FeedbackWhiz is the ultimate tool for Amazon sellers to automate and scale your Amazon business, “said Sam nedimyer, Digital Marketing Manager for FeedbackWhiz.

To learn more about FeedbackWhiz’s advanced software tools for Amazon sellers, please visit the company’s official website.

Company name: FeedbackWhiz

Contact Name: Henson Wu

Contact phone: (408) 724-9521

Contact email: [email protected]

Company Description:

FeedbackWhiz is automation and management software that helps Amazon sellers increase profits, monitor, manage and automate emails, orders, comments and product reviews, and grow their brand.

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5 Quick Tips To Improve The Conversion Rate As An Amazon Seller In 2021!

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To improve the conversion rate on Amazon, here are some quick tips for you. In this article, you will learn some interesting facts about converting rates to get your product sold on Amazon.

What are conversion rates and percentage of unit sessions?

By optimizing conversion rates on its platform, Amazon spends millions or billions a year. This is the reason, they expect too much from a seller to buy and bring them more and more customers. Bringing more customers from the sellers side to amazon means the income of satisfied customers which is why Amazon is spending millions.

By looking at your business sales report, you will actually get the unit session percentage. The more we promote our product, the more buyers we attract. The more buyers we get, the more revenue we generate. Your business will be strengthened with the marketing strategies and you will gain even more customers, which will help the business report to progress only upwards. Digital Olifant will help you promote your Amazon business flawlessly and effectively.

Eventually the order value will increase and the conversion rate will improve. The more the chart increases the level, the more Amazon will rank the sellers in the unit session percentage

Amount in one session

The conversion rate and the unit session percentage differ only by one customer landing. There is a difference between the conversion rate and the unit session percentage. The conversion rate depends on the number of customers landing. While the unit session percentage increases by the units sold.

For example, if 5 out of 10 customers landed on the product and borrowed one unit each. Then the conversion rate and the unit session percentage will be 50%. But if in case, 4 of these 5 customers decide to order 3 units each, the conversion rate will remain the same but the unit session percentage will increase by 70%.

Improved conversion rate for the list

Using promotions such as buying a product, adding an offer, or adding small PRs with valued orders can help improve the conversion rate for the list. You can create your promotional packages in the promotion section. You can define your promotions packages under the Advertising tab.

There are also some options like percentage off where customers can build their promotional package from the promotional packages offered by the seller. In this scenario, the customer will receive a minimum of 10% or a maximum of 15% off the purchase of the product.

Most buyers are drawn to this offer, manufacture their packaging, and seize sales opportunities like this.

Split test on your ad

Split testing is similar to running a set of ads. It is a test among the potential and the original list prepared by you. Both lists are prepared by keeping the best-selling and best-selling products in them.

It is a strategy to improve the conversion rate as an Amazon seller. There are many helper apps out there to execute this split testing strategy. You can also execute this strategy via Facebook advertising agency. The Facebook ad set gives you the option of running ads for 3 products and doing a little test. This will boost the audience and improve the conversion rate.

These processes will eventually lead to the winning individual. With this result, you can promote these listings, create their promotion packages or sell them by buying one and get a sale as well. At this time, the split testing strategy winners list needs to be promoted to achieve potential customer targets.

It’s like asking your customers to vote for the lists you’ve designed. It is the customer’s choice.

Main roles of product description

Image thumbnail plays a major role in it, some sellers deceive buyers by adding fake and manipulated images of the product. Even the major role is also played by the description under the product image. Some great content writers manipulate their products and garnish them in ways that attract customers.

Now the reason for discussing this was so that you could add a compelling image, a compelling intro with a deep and clear description of your product. Add as many clear images as possible. To present your product in a clear and meaningful way. Responding to the reviews and comments section plays a huge role as it shows the seller’s activity and presence. Some people are reluctant to ask the buyer the question themselves, so they go through the comments section and the description section. Make sure to keep an eye out for these sections and respond to the customer in a short but detailed manner.

Here is a secret hack for all sellers to improve their conversion rate.

Amazon Frequent Shopping Section

In this section, Amazon’s AI plays an incredible role. The algorithm carries all the information from buyers. The products filtered in this information by the AI ​​carry are listed in the frequently brought section. Where similar products are sometimes added. Amazon believes these two products have been purchased. While only one of them is sold.

Now to improve the conversion, here is the secret hack to hack frequently brought section. This hack is only useful if you have multiple products of the same brand or similar products on the list. These same products should be similar enough to be complimented on each other. Change the ASIN code using different strategies and voila, your item will be presented with the similar product you have been looking for.


Hope the above tips are helpful enough to improve conversion rate and increase audience. Keep an eye on all things, whether small or sufficiently valued. Keep track that even a single thing that is insignificant to you can play a major role in your success.

Keep tracking your image, title, product description, pros and cons. Stay connected with the audience through the reviews section and follow competitor’s products.

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Apagard Japanese Sensitive Toothpaste Amazon Review

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It might be an unpopular opinion, but I love going to the dentist. There’s nothing quite like that squeaky mouth feel and those freshly polished chompers to make me feel better. Well, not too long ago, the eagle-eyed members of the R29 buying team noticed that a Japanese toothpaste called Apagard M-Type was quietly blowing up on Amazon. The origin story is murky, but a Reddit 2020 thread discussing the tube’s benefits seems to have cemented its status as one of the internet’s most beloved products. 1 But, according to Amazon review scores, this isn’t just any old toothpaste. His cult commentary talks about magical benefits such as reducing tooth sensitivity, removing stains and preventing cavities. According to the packaging, this is a “remineralizing” formula which – after searching on Google (dentists, don’t @ me!) – I deduce that it contains ingredients that may help increase the mineral content of tooth enamel for a fortifying / desensitizing effect. And although thousands of reviewers wondered if this stuff worked or not, I decided to put my test tooth in to find out firsthand.

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SOLY HUX Swimwear at Amazon: Shop for Trendy Bikinis and One Piece Here

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Scroll down to see more images

There are few things that I love more than buying swimwear online. Not only are there a lot of options to choose from, but I can normally find some pretty affordable options. Out of all the brands offering fun costumes right now, there are a few that sell cuter (or priced more perfectly) swimsuits than SOLY HUX on Amazon. If you recognize the name, you’ve probably seen these bikinis and one-piece swimsuits all over TikTok in recent months, and there’s a good reason for that.

SOLY HUX has gone viral on social media with its wide range of incredibly fashionable bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, all of which sell for under $ 40 a piece. And get this – some of them even sell for under $ 20! I’m talking strappy bikini sets with coordinating sarongs, sexy one-pieces with cutouts galore and more.

The best part is that many of these suits are available with Amazon Prime Shipping, which means you can order one now and get it by the weekend. Swimsuits at a reasonable price and has free delivery? This is really what summer fashion dreams are made of.

Scrolling through the Amazon site is often a less than ideal experience, so I’ve covered all of your bases by collecting a few of my favorite SOLY HUX swimwear here. Now you don’t have to spend hours checking to see if your favorite colors are still in stock.

If you’re up for some shopping, read on to buy 11 of the cutest SOLY HUX swimsuits always available. But beware, some of these sets go quickly. I mean, what do you expect from the brand that absolutely everyone on the internet covets right now?

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to people, and we only offer products that we think you will love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link in this story, we may receive a small commission on the sale.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This blue tie-dye trio

Make tie-dye cool again by opting for a three-piece bikini set. This blue option costs just under $ 25, and the ruffle trim on the sarong is too soft to leave out.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This retro floral set

The 70s called – they want their floral print back! Line up for disco jams and style this floral bikini set with an equally colorful sarong or beach kimono.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This neon checkered option

Checks are the ’90s print taking over this summer. This bikini is particularly on-trend thanks to a punchy combo of neon yellow and bright green.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This trendy cow print ‘Kini

The cow print is still going strong for summer 2021. This bikini set comes in sizes up to a 4X and is priced at just under $ 30.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This two-tone floral bikini

Who needs regular flowers when you can mix and match two different designs at the same time? This cute set contains so many different colors, finding a complementary blanket will be a snap.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This lime green zebra set

If you want to go all out this summer, get this lime green zebra print bikini with the matching sarong right now before it sells out. Prepare to stand out on the beach!

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This snakeskin monokini

The snake print makes everything undeniably sexy, doesn’t it? This one-piece features a bold one-shoulder design and a cutout in the front, so it’s really a whim.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This ruched brown bikini

Neutral bikinis continue to dominate my Instagram feed this summer despite the neon trend, so take this gathered option and fall in love with its endless versatility.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This trio of mesh tops

If you want more beach coverage, go for this cute bikini set with matching mesh long sleeve cropped top. You can totally wear the sheer top over a white bra for a nice bar ready look, BTW.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This structured artistic outfit

Who needs a black bikini when you go to wear all the colors this summer? This three piece set includes a underwired top, high waist belted bottom and matching sarong.

Stylist |  Soly Hux Amazon swimwear

Courtesy of SOLY HUX.

This metallic bronze set

Celebrities like J.Lo and Megan Thee Stallion all love string bikinis, so you should give 100% this metallic option A try. Just make sure you already have a beautiful tan!

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Learn what it takes to be a successful Amazon seller with this set of courses

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Looking to start a side business this summer? You might want to consider selling products online, or more specifically, selling products on Amazon. Many seem to have the impression that venturing into the world of e-commerce means endless physical labor for order fulfillment, but what they don’t know is that there is this thing called shipping. direct where you don’t have to manage inventory yourself, and can easily work from home.

To learn all the tricks of the trade, the Amazon FBA 2021 Master Class Bundle contains 7 hours of content on Amazon FBA, product research, freelancing and how to take advantage of online sales platforms. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for just $ 19.99.

Since Amazon will take care of shipping the items right to your customer’s door, they are an ideal ecommerce partner. Being an online seller can be a lot of work, sure, but if you’re selling through Fulfillment by Amazon and go dropshipping, you only have to do half the work.

The set includes courses rated up to 4.8 / 5 stars. The whole program begins with an in-depth Amazon Suspension Prevention course, which would help make your experience with Amazon safer. It then explains how to be successful on Fulfillment by Amazon, where you will learn how to list items in the most efficient way possible, collect as many great reviews as possible for your products, understand how product suppliers work, and maximize profits. by removing unnecessary costs. .

You will also get a complete overview of how PPC campaigns work on the platform, so you know what it takes to drive more sales. You’ll learn about the PPC methods that work, learn how to optimize campaigns to cost less, and receive tried and tested tips on how to research and discover powerful keywords for the best campaign results.

The last two courses focus on finding profitable Amazon products, checking product seasonality, and being successful as a freelance writer.

When purchased separately, the classes in this bundle would set you back $ 995, but for a limited time you can get it all on sale for $ 19.99.

Prices subject to change.

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Reversible CUPSHE Bikini at Amazon: Shop this Influencer Favorite

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I’m about to reveal a major secret to you: Amazon is my go-to for all things swimwear. Seriously! The site sells thousands of bikinis from tons of affordable brands, so they’re usually a great place to start if you need a new costume and hate the process of waiting for your order to arrive in the mail. Top notch shipping is key, baby! And right now, during Amazon Prime Days, one of my favorite costumes is at a discount, so there’s never been a better time to buy. This is no fun at all. Let me introduce you to one of the best bikinis on Amazon, no scrolling required. Here, this striped reversible bikini from CUPSHE.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Amazon Prime Day, here’s a quick reminder. In short, people call it the summer version of Black Friday, but the main difference is that Black Friday only lasts a day and Amazon Prime Day lasts of them: from June 21 to 22. You get tons of discounts if you’re an Amazon Prime member (which you should be now, obviously) on a ton of different products, from home decor and appliances to cute swimwear like my favorite.

This costume is available in sizes XS-XXL, and while the Navy & White striped iteration is the best seller, there are 14 different colors and prints to choose from, so don’t worry if the nautical-inspired looks aren’t not really your thing. It features a high waisted bottom with side ties and an unlined strappy top with just a touch of gathers at the bust for good measure.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is all about bringing style to people, and we only offer products that we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link in this story, we may receive a small commission on the sale.

Courtesy of CUPSHE.

The best part? It is reversible, so you can choose to wear your separate pieces on the same side or mix and match for an inverted look like the model above. Versatile and on sale? We love to see it!

Yes this bikini sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen it on Instagram or TikTok before. Influencers like Remi Bader can attest to the beauty of this IRL ensemble (she loves light blue in size XL, take note!). In the world of bikini shopping on Amazon, reading reviews is key, so knowing that this costume has an influencer makes me all the more eager to buy.

Excuse me while i buy this costume in multiple different patterns. I mean, what is summer if not the perfect time to play with color? And given that it’s discounted to $ 20.99 for Amazon Prime Day, there’s really no excuse not to buy. I mean, the most popular bikini brands charge double or more of what this whole set costs for a single stringy top or a pair of barely there!

But as with all Amazon Prime Day savings, there’s a catch: these deals won’t last long. If you see something you love at a price you love even more, then you need to act fast. This sale, for example, will be completed tonight. To hell with Amazon and your mega-good flash sales!

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Panic [Amazon] Review: Prime Video’s teen drama is a bad bet

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A botched mix of love triangles and dangerous challenges, this 10-episode season constantly wants to feel more dangerous than it actually is.

The hard part about citywide conspiracies is that you need a lot of buy-in. Continuing like the one in the new Amazon Prime Video series “Panic” means an incredibly focused effort on the part of almost everyone involved. In “Panic,” high school kids in a small town in Texas called Carp hold an annual secret contest where players endure a series of dangerous tasks. The payoff – enough money to fund a move to a new job or fall tuition or a life out of town – is enough to attract dozens of players.

But perhaps the hardest thing to center for “Panic” is the idea of ​​how many people are willing to risk anything less (and maybe even include) potential homicide charges. involuntarily guilty for the premises of this show to work. With the 10 episodes written by Lauren Oliver (who wrote the book the series is based on), each episode becomes like one of the challenges of panic: a delicate psychological balance that means more to the people involved than to the people. who are watching.

It doesn’t help that “Panic” juggles a whole class of graduates with potential winners, from Heather (Olivia Welch) trying to break free from a difficult family situation to Dodge (Mike Faist) the mysterious newcomer who tends to to be left alone. to Ray (Ray Nicholson), the mop and open shirt permaflirt has always tried to cause a ruckus. It’s Heather who ends up becoming the primary driver of the story, as she tries to deal with multiple crushes, shifting friendships, a manipulative mother, and a part-time job at a nearby ranch. All this, in addition to indulging in misguided semi-periodic sporting feats for a crowd of morbid curious peers.

Of those people who float in his life both inside and outside of Panic, Ray seems to be one of the only characters to step out of the seriousness of the series. While most of the members of this show are overwhelmed with perpetual skeptical scowl, Montgomery at least brings emotional peaks and valleys to “Panic”. Even when his smile masks something decidedly more sinister underneath, at least it’s kind of a counterweight.


Matt Lankes / Amazon Studios

There’s such a pattern of mistrust running through Panic’s nature as a business that it seeps into the show itself. Past a certain point, it’s nearly impossible to take it all at face value, so the series’ 10 episodes become a game of waiting to see what’s left when the dust of the plot settles. This means a particularly catastrophic fate for the various attempts at romance of “Panic”. Potential adventures and tenuous love triangles parade, mainly to add wrinkles to how these contests unfold. Part of the show’s implicit argument for Panic’s continued existence is that Carp doesn’t offer much else to do at the end of the school year. The same seems to be true of kissing someone once in a while.

On some level, it’s understandable that a show built around the life of teenagers turned upside down by vindictive play throws up its own set of structural curved balls. But the hodgepodge of storytelling – mostly coming from Heather, but passed as a stint to open an episode – and the conscious withholding of key information from both the viewer and various characters are so often at the service. to fashion a mystery rather than living within one.

The challenges themselves feel like something lost in translation between the page and the screen. Internal analysis for clues about the location of the next stage of the contest is completely transformed into aloud puzzle solving. For an institution founded on secrecy, many of these clues are left out and are apparently fairly straightforward to resolve after a little more than a glance. “Panic” wants its namesake to be both so ominous to instill fear in all eligible Carp residents by age, but so traceable that a police officer with a hunch can put the pieces together faster than they do. are not. (There’s one villainous reveal, coupled with their blatant disregard for covering the tracks of a very important personal detail, it’s especially blatant.)

On top of that, each new challenge feels like something out of a moral panic fever dream, the kind of “you’ll never guess what teens in your area are doing” that ends up demystified under the slightest scrutiny. Still, “Panic” has nothing under the surface of Kids in Danger. Call it as “Saw,” call it the world’s most sadistic escape room, but these challenges aren’t meant to do anything other than inflict psychological terror on Carp’s teens.

Amazon Prime Video Panic


Matt Lankes / Amazon Studios

Without relying too much on a direct comparison to an existing show, it’s hard not to watch “Panic” and think about Netflix’s “Outer Banks” summer surprise. Where this show fully embraced the playfulness of its “What if ‘Goonies’ but high school kids” DNA, “Panic” never seems to perfectly match the level of danger he wants to harness for tension and drama. It’s something that could kill you, but the people who perform it award arbitrary point values. There is a version of this show that uses the fickleness of this game to say something about how teens treat each other and what their elders expect from them. But all of the inconsistencies, irregular pacing, and rambling plot threads are more indicative of a show that sprawls out too thinly for nothing.

This does not mean that “Panic” is devoid of specific charms. Heather’s potential employer, Anne (Bonnie Bedelia) is a rare adult in this series to make an impression beyond connecting families for reasons of intrigue. Much like Ray, when she steps into the story there is at least a feeling that an individual is going through the similarity. Because as reckless as these announcements of challenges are, the design of some of them is legitimately striking. Director Ry Russo-Young brings the necessary amount of scale to the challenge that makes up much of Episode 2, and there’s a surprising amount of anxiety that comes from a late-season play filled with a countless number of the same object hanging from the ceiling.

By the time the show gets to its final hurdle, it’s quite worth asking (as few Carp teens seem to do) if it’s all worth it. Considering how this season resolves and the farewell image it portends for a possible continuation, “Panic” seems to be saying “yes”. Not everyone will agree.

Grade: C-

“Panic” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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Affordable Lululemon Leggings Dupes from Amazon: Shop Along Fit leggings

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Long cut yoga pants

Yahoo Lifestyle Canada is committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share of purchases made through the links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change.

Whether you’re heading to the gym, hitting the trails for a hike, or just looking to relax in comfort, a good pair of leggings is essential. Much like your favorite jeans, this is a versatile piece of clothing you can turn to for (almost) any occasion.

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Whenever we come across a pair with an insanely high rating, it always stings our attention, and the Long cut yoga pants are no exception.

Along Fit - Amazon.

Along Fit – Amazon.

TO BUY : Amazon, from $ 25 (originally $ 30)

What are they?

These best-selling leggings are available in 16 colors and backed by over 4,800 five-star reviews on Amazon, and come in several different options to suit each workout. The high waist leggings are made of a soft moisture wicking material with an interior and two side pockets and tummy control for extra support.

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These top rated leggings are thick enough to pass the squat test but comfortable enough to work all day long, even after your workout.

What people say

With an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars, Along Fit leggings are an Amazon favorite thanks to their super soft material and fit comparable to other expensive sportswear brands.

Long fit yoga pants - Amazon.

Long fit yoga pants – Amazon.

“These are my new favorite leggings! They are incredibly soft and so comfortable to wear,” wrote one customer. “They’re fully squat-proof and stretchy enough to train without having to constantly adjust or pull them up. The stitching on them is so flattering and they tighten in the right places. I will definitely buy more. I am 5’7 “, around 135 pounds, and ordered a medium rack, which fits perfectly.”

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A complaint from buyers seems to be the sizing. Before placing your order, buyers advised to follow the size chart to ensure proper fit and sizing if you are in between sizes.

Long fit yoga pants - Amazon.

Long fit yoga pants – Amazon.

“I took the shorts they make in size medium and they were just a little too tight, so I bought these pants and this capri in plus size and I’m just more comfortable,” wrote one other. “They are doing well, over time, and continue to be soft and fitted. Very satisfied and highly recommend!”


Along Fit leggings are a great option for anyone looking to expand their sportswear collection at a lower cost. These affordable leggings can withstand your daily workouts and activities without wheel belts or embarrassing sheer moments.

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent versions at the time of posting.

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The best non-slip boots are only $ 40 on Amazon: Buy cheap non-slip boots

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JIASUQI Non-Slip Winter Boots are available on Amazon Canada.

Yahoo Lifestyle Canada is committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share of purchases made through the links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change.

Winter conditions represent a serious safety risk. While we all know to be extremely careful when driving on snowy or icy roads, it is just as important to protect yourself when traveling on foot. Shoveling the sidewalk, running errands, or walking the dog can lead to a trip to the emergency room.

According to At the Canadian Institute for Health Information, nearly 9,000 people were hospitalized due to ice slips and falls during the winter of 2016-2017. The most common forms of injury? Wrist and ankle fractures as well as head trauma, which can have a lasting impact on a person’s health.

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To help prevent unnecessary injuries, some Canadians are opting for non-slip winter shoes. Whether you wear them to work or every time you leave the house, having a boot with a textured outsole that won’t wear out is a great way to protect yourself against the ever-changing winter conditions.

The JIASUQI Women's Winter Flat Boots are available on Amazon Canada.

The JIASUQI Women’s Winter Flat Boots are available on Amazon Canada.

TO BUY : Amazon, $ 40

An affordable boot to help you stay upright this winter are the JIASUQI Winter Snow flat boots available via Amazon Canada.

What are they?

Available in 10 different colors for men and women, these waterproof boots feature a soft, non-slip sole, designed to provide superior traction. The artificial plush lining helps keep feet warm, while the easy-on elastic band and zipper make it easy to put the boots on and exit the door.

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Click here to sign up for Yahoo Canada’s Lifestyle Newsletter.

ALSO LOOK AT: These are the 10 best winter boots you can buy on Amazon

There are two different styles available, a shorter JIASQI boot and a taller version with a zipper so you can put them on and take them off quickly.

What people say

With over 2000 customer reviews, the JIASUQI flat boots are unisex and are perfect for both men and women.

“Lightweight, soft, warm and most comfortable winter shoes” an Amazon buyer wrote about their JIASUQI slippers.

JIASUQI Winter Snow Flat Boots - Available on Amazon.

JIASUQI Winter Snow Flat Boots – Available on Amazon.

TO BUY : Amazon, from $ 40

“I love these boots, they are perfect for a quick and easy wearing, I order a size a little larger in case I want to wear a thick sock but they are really warm with a thin sock. ‘They are so easy to put on and take off and they also look very good, “added another.” The price is fabulous for a small winter boot that offers everything a big boot does. “


If you are looking for an affordable pair of boots to accompany you throughout the winter, the JIASUQI Winter Snow flat boots maybe for you. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast (or female) or looking for a pair to slip on while you run errands or shovel snow, these boots can help reduce your risk of slips and falls.

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent versions at the time of posting.

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This Amazon Review Scam May Damage Your Online Reputation: Welcome to the Dark World of Web Tampering

Photo courtesy of Steven W. Giovinco / Recover Reputation

Someone wrote fake Amazon reviews under my name: here is the hidden damage to online reputation it can cause

Strangely, Amazon packages have started to arrive. It’s always fun to open a box and see what’s inside, but since I didn’t order anything it was like no other delivery. In fact, I was caught in the middle of a complex and complicated online reputation management review scam.

It all started strangely enough with a hundred colorful balloons. When the small package arrived, I just thought it was some weird mistake from Amazon. Next is a pair of oversized shiny red rubber oven mitts (which I didn’t order either). Was it a gaff or a gag gift?

When a box of false eyelashes arrived (I’m male) I knew something strange was going on. (I also have a toy race car, a pair of wireless headphones, and an exercise tracker.)

Not only did I not order any of these items, they were charged to someone else’s credit card.

In semi-detective mode, I confirmed that my credit card had never been charged. It seemed like a weird scam: when do you get something for free? I also realized that there was no immediate connection between Amazon orders – they seemed random and came from a wide range of unrelated product categories.

However, I quickly discovered:

  • Five star reviews were given for each item, using my name as “verified Amazon user”.
  • The reviews were exuberant raves, but written in poor English.
  • Credit cards were different for almost every item and came from overseas.
  • Orders were placed every two weeks or so, from the first and fifteenth of the month (maybe to avoid detection?).
  • The products cost low end, ranging from $ 10 to $ 70.

In reality, this was a weird but convoluted scam to generate positive online reviews. Welcome to the dark world of reputation management forgery.

Reputation scam

So how does it work?

A third party (i.e. thieves) steals someone’s credit card information, which is presumably bought by an unscrupulous reputation management company.

They then find the name and address of a real person, create a new Amazon account, and start ordering low-cost products, presumably not to be detected initially. As soon as the order is placed, the reputation assessment company now has a verified buyer – the key to their scam – where they immediately write glowing but bogus reviews on behalf of their customers.

The real reason for going through multiple levels of illegality is to have access to real people to write real reviews on Amazon, which is very valuable. Since positive reviews drive sales, these bogus posts are extremely helpful in reversing a damaged reputation due to poor service or making a bad product look like a great product.

The perfect online reputation management scam / crime?

In a way, that seems like the perfect “reputation crime”.

At first glance, it looks like no one is really hurt. The unscrupulous hired reputation management review company is hard to trace and they don’t care that they are engaging in multiple illegal activities (but of course they should). Plus, they don’t “pay” for real products, as they use stolen credit cards, so they’re not an additional expense.

The unsuspecting Amazon buyer – in this case me – also doesn’t seem to be harmed in this scenario. I’m sure some people who have received unordered packages don’t bother to report the wrong delivery notes (I returned them), and decide to keep the items.

The owner of the credit card also seems unharmed because he can spot and dispute the incidental charges – after all, he never received anything. Eventually, in theory at least, Amazon gets its products back.

Hidden damage to reputation management

So who is injured? The involuntary participant in the scam.

There is a hidden reputation issue that can get lost in the process. Of course, never try to buy online reviews yourself – it’s downright illegal in almost all cases and can lead to problems you might not have considered. But in this scam, the person whose name is used in the reviews could see their online reputation damaged.

How? ‘Or’ What?

What to do if a customer stumbles upon the fake Amazon reviews. At a fairly quick glance, people can easily sense that something is wrong or immediately detect fake messages. This can lead to a loss of confidence in the company.

If / when a current or potential customer finds out about these reviews, the results can be far from innocent. Customers would wonder if they – the company they’ve dealt with before, or in this case, me – are real or fake, and would likely conclude that they are not trustworthy. Thus, this “seemingly victimless crime” may in fact have very real issues that could result in loss of business and sales for the victim of reputation.

How to determine fake reviews

Here are some telltale signs used to spot fake reviews, which, no coincidence, are what I’ve seen as well:

  • The author’s product reviews cover an unrealistic array of diverse and unrelated articles indicating that something is fishy.
  • The use and wording of English is poor or incorrect, showing that it was written by someone overseas or whose second language is English.
  • All of them are still rambunctious and exaggerated five-star reviews.
  • The reviewer’s profile is incomplete, does not have an actual profile photo, or has a generic or empty bio section.

How to protect your reputation online

If this happens, contact Amazon immediately, return the products, and ensure that reviews under your name are promptly removed.

Above all, this is another reason to constantly review, build, and monitor your online reputation. In short, always:

  • Check the Google search results for negative links every few weeks.
  • Monitor all other social media platforms, paying special attention to negative comments.
  • Set up Google Alerts so that your name and business are notified when search engines index a new post or link.
  • Treat problems immediately if they arise.
  • Frequently add new, positive information to preemptively block or minimize potential reputation issues.
  • Do not hide. Instead, actively engage (daily) with others online to continually build trust.

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