10 Amazon shopping tips that will save you a lot of money


Amazon is the go-to platform for millions of people who want to shop online, and for good reason. The internet giant offers an incredible selection of products in almost every category you can think of. But it’s even better for those who know the tricks of the platform. On that note, here are 10 tips and tricks to save you money and revamp the way you use Amazon.

Amazon Prime Tips

Although not essential, Amazon Prime is one of the best ways to get the most out of the platform. So it’s no surprise that our first piece of advice is to get a subscription. But there is more.

Get an Amazon Prime Membership

Joining Amazon Prime is one of the best ways to get the most out of the platform. For a paid subscription (which can be annual or monthly), Amazon Prime gives you everything from delivery perks to shopping perks and digital content. Check out our Amazon Prime article to find out what’s in this membership and if it’s worth it.


Get Amazon Prime for free or cheaper

The only thing better than getting an Amazon Prime membership is getting it for free or at a discounted price. At $14.99/month or $139/year, the service has many benefits. But you could get it for less.

To start, new Prime users get a 30 day free trial. If you haven’t signed up, you can take advantage of it during Prime Day to get all the benefits (including free shipping). If you like it, you can continue; otherwise, cancel before being charged.

If you’re enrolled in college or have an .edu email address, you might qualify for a half-price Prime Student membership. This equates to $7.49/month and $69/year. Plus, your payment doesn’t start until your six-month free trial runs out. The 50% discount also applies to eligible recipients of EBT and government assistance.

If you’re an adult with kids, you can sign up for Amazon Family to get exclusives, like 20% off diapers and baby food subscriptions.

Money saving tips

Amazon is great, but getting the best deals on the platform makes it even better. So here are our top tips for saving money on Amazon while shopping.

Find today’s deals on Amazon

You can find Amazon’s best deals for new products in the Today’s trades section at the top of any Amazon page. Simply log into Amazon.com and select the category at the top of the screen. In the Amazon shopping app, scroll down the home page to Best offer section and press See all offers. It offers multiple daily deals on items in multiple categories.

If you are a Prime member, you can choose to see only Prime Early Access or Prime Exclusive offers by checking the corresponding options. If you scroll down the left sidebar, you can also select other types of offers, including Lightning offers that only last a few hours or minutes. You can even set up alerts for available and upcoming deals on the app to stay on top of everything.

Take occasional trips to Amazon Warehouse and Amazon Outlet

If you want to save even more money, you might want to take a closer look at Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse. Starting with Amazon Outlet, this section groups overstock and clearance items for sale into several categories. Move towards Today’s trades and select the Exit possibility of finding items whose price has dropped due to large stocks.

Amazon Warehouse is similar to Outlet. But instead of overstock, it lists open box, pre-owned, and used or refurbished products at deep discounts. These deals are mostly for tech products and gadgets. To find them, go to Today’s trades and select Amazon Warehouse.

These items may be damaged, so check the listed quality (fair, good, very good, or like-new) before purchasing.

It’s easy to focus on tips that help you save money. But sometimes the best tips are the ones that help you better navigate Amazon, find the products you love, and take advantage of the built-in tools.

Always filter search results

Amazon offers millions of products in multiple categories. Scrolling through tons of product listings to locate a specific item will prove more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. So befriend the left sidebar of your desktop and check the boxes to filter the options.

If you have a Prime subscription, it makes sense to start from there by checking the box next to the Prime logo. From there, you can continue to narrow things down with options like product offerings and specs. For example, when you search for “phones”, you can sort the results by operating system storage capacity, display, and camera resolution, to name a few. -ones.

Use the monthly payment plan if needed

There’s almost nothing that can’t be financed these days if you go to the right place, and Amazon is one of those retailers. For products sold and shipped by Amazon, such as the Amazon Echo and items from eligible third-party sellers, you may be eligible to pay for items over multiple months.

Whenever you shop on the platform, take a look at the section under the product name and rating and above the specifications. If the item is eligible for installments, you will find the option there.

Payment and delivery advice

After all is said and done, your package should reach you. Otherwise, it would all have been for nothing. Use these tips to get your items in at the right time.

Use same-day or one-hour deliveries for urgent purchases

If you have an Amazon Prime membership and are located in one of the 8,000 eligible cities, you can get free same-day shipping on eligible orders over $25. Place your order before noon and your package will arrive before 10 p.m., seven days a week.

However, if your orders are under $25, you will pay $2.99 ​​per order to have your item arrive the same day. In contrast, non-preferred members pay $9.99 per order for qualifying items on the same day, regardless of the total cost of the items purchased.

Amazon is going a step further with one-hour and two-hour grocery deliveries through Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. Previously, this was in a separate Prime Now app, which the company has now removed. But the service has been integrated into Amazon’s main app and website.

Fill the cart with low priced items if you don’t have Prime

One of the biggest perks of Amazon Prime is free shipping. But if you’re not a member, you can still have your orders delivered at no additional cost to you. However, there is a caveat: you must pay with at least $25 worth of qualifying items.

The next time you order a $15 item, find fillers to make up the remaining $10. Amazon has a ton of useful and cheap items you can get. If you’re not sure what other things to get, search for “add-ons” and you’ll find more than enough to choose from.

Cards, rewards and points

Discounts and promotional sales are great, but there are other ways to save money when shopping online. These can be cashbacks or other rewards. Amazon offers points and credits, allowing you to get something back as you spend. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Earn rewards points for qualifying purchases

Cashback of any kind is a great incentive for people who buy a lot of products. Amazon offers cards that allow you to earn loyalty points with every purchase. With the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cardyou can earn 3% at Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market, 2% at gas stations, restaurants, and pharmacies, and 1% on all other purchases.

Percentages are converted to points (one point back for every penny earned) and can be redeemed on Amazon at 100 points per dollar. You can also redeem your points through Chase for cash, gift cards, and travel if you prefer.

Use No-Rush Delivery to Get Free Credits

With physical purchases from physical retailers, you get your item on the spot and can start using it right away. But with online shopping, you have to wait hours to days (even weeks), so it’s no surprise that buyers want the fastest shipping dates possible. That’s why Amazon will try to reward you every time you can curb the urge and wait a little longer for your item to arrive.

If you’re a Prime member and choose free no-rush shipping at checkout (instead of the two-day option), credits are applied to your account for use on future purchases. Plus, your package usually arrives within five days, which is a reasonable wait time. So the next time you buy an item you don’t need urgently, use this option to essentially eat your cake and have it simultaneously.

Whether your goal is to save money, find great deals, or simply make it easier to navigate the platform, arm yourself with these tips to transform the way you shop on Amazon. And the best part, they can be applied instantly. Admittedly, some of these tips are for Prime users only. So if you’re still undecided about taking the plunge, find out what you can do to qualify for a Prime membership.


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