10 Coolest One Piece Paradise Islands, Ranked


Paradise, the colloquial term for the first half of the Grand Line, is home to many of Monkey D. Luffy’s most significant character moments, and although the Straw Hat Pirates have moved on to greater things in the New World, their ancient stomping ground and its relevance to history cannot be overstated.

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A few islands of paradise stand out as being exceptionally fascinating/exciting. Whether it’s because of their geography, people, history, or relevance to the Straw Hats, these places in the first half of the Grand Line deserve to be considered some of the coolest in their area. A play world.

ten Alabasta’s regal architecture juxtaposes its arid landscape

The Alabasta bow is one of the best in A play story, but the island that serves as its setting isn’t particularly exciting. The Kingdom of Alabasta consists largely of arid, rain-deprived deserts. The vast amount of sand within its borders is what fuels its shadow master, Crocodile, when the Straw Hats come to its shores.

This island’s only saving grace is the mark its ancient kingdom left on its landscape. Alubarna, the Kingdom of Alabasta, might very well be the most traditionally beautiful city Oda has ever drawn, and its sprawling tombs and subterranean structures add much-needed depth to otherwise barren territory.

9 The little garden goes back in time

Luffy and the Straw Hats almost didn’t stop at Little Garden. Nico Robin, then passed by Miss Sunday as part of Baroque Works, gave them an eternal log pose that would allow them to circumnavigate the prehistoric island. However, Luffy, being the stubborn captain that he is, asserted his leadership by breaking the log pose and ordering the crew to stop on the island anyway.

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Little Garden would be any jurassic park the biggest dream of the fans. The island teems with prehistoric life, including dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers and, most memorably, the giants Dorry and Broggy. While the novelty of Little Garden’s prehistoric nature wears off fairly quickly, it’s still an endearing stop that’s quite distinct from any other location in the series.

8 Drum Island features extreme geography to match its climate

In terms of climate and geography, Drum Island is as extreme as it gets. Decorated by the towering drum-shaped mountains that give the island its name, this place and its freezing weather introduce the Straw Hat Pirates to Tony Tony Chopper, the anthropomorphic reindeer who will join the crew as a doctor.

The sheer verticality of this icy landscape provides plenty of fun scenes. Still, what really solidifies it as a memorable stop in paradise is its rebranding as Sakura Kingdom. Chopper’s mentor, Dr. Hiriluk, was instrumental in developing a dust that would turn the island’s snow pink. After his death, the kingdom honored the late doctor by changing his name and using the effects of his gear.

seven The Boin Archipelago is a living environment

While the Straw Hats were all sent to destinations that would test them by Bartholomew Kuma, no crew member was sent to a more terrifying place than the Boin Archipelago. The Boin Archipelago technically consists of several giant flower-shaped islands, rather than a single landmass, but for the most part they look nearly identical.

The archipelago looks inviting at first glance. There’s delicious food scattered around her Forest of Gluttony. However, this belies the real horror of the area: what appear to be the islands of the Boin Archipelago are actually huge carnivorous plants that devour animals that have gorged themselves in the forests. Although not the safest island ever, its design is undeniably unique.

6 Momoiro Island has a surprising importance

For something that initially seems like an insignificant place, Momoiro Island is actually quite important to the overall narrative of A play. The heart-shaped island could actually be considered the opposite of Amazon Lily. While the people of Amazon Lily subvert feminine expectations with their perceived masculine conventions, Momoiro does the opposite.

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This makes Momoiro Island the perfect place to test Sanji during the time-skip, as it constantly kept him and his desires in check. More importantly, the beautifully colored heart-shaped island serves as the residence of Emporio Ivankov and the Revolutionary Army, given the destruction of the group’s former base in Baltigo.

5 Cactus Island lives up to its nickname

Cactus Island is exactly what its name suggests: a cactus-shaped island. These land formations are not actually related to the plant, but given its appearance, it would be hard to say otherwise. In addition to its geography, the people of Cactus Island have taken to placing tombstones along the mountains, giving the impression of giant needles and making the island look even more like a cactus.

Many of the best islands in Paradise are natural formations, and while Cactus Island’s overall shape does a lot for its aesthetics, what really sets it apart is the commitment of its people. Watching Zoro slaughter mobs of Baroque Works members with mountains of tombstones dotting the landscape behind him is an image that sticks in the minds of fans two decades later.

4 Water 7’s nautical aesthetic visually represents its culture

The layout of Water 7 couldn’t be more representative of the island’s relationship with shipbuilding than it already is. The city features a circular design, with each neighborhood gradually rising closer to the middle of the island, and instead of having solid roads or footpaths, the island is bordered by an extensive set of canals.

Franky, the Straw Hats’ shipbuilder, and others, including Gol D. Roger’s shipbuilder, Tom, were influenced by the island. In fact, many shipbuilders in the series are from the region.

3 The surreal nature of Fish-Man Island sets it apart from any other place in one piece

Few could have imagined how grand the Fishman House would be when the Straw Hats encountered Arlong and his party on the Conomi Islands. This underwater island lies leagues below Mary Geoise, the seat of power for the world government, and is enclosed in a giant bubble that allows human visitors to breathe. Inside, the island is characterized by beautiful coral architecture and ubiquitous light from the Sunlight Tree Eve which overlooks the location.

Fish-Man Island actually lies somewhere below the Red Line, which intersects the Grand Line and separates Paradise from the New World. However, when the Straw Hats leave this island for Punk Hazard, they declare that they are entering the New World, so Fish-Man Island can still be said to be located in paradise.

2 The Sabaody Archipelago has such a design that the show has visited it twice

Although Sabaody is called an archipelago, the area is technically massive forest growing from the 79 Yarukiman mangroves that form its landscape. Because of this, the island does not appear on log poses, making it a difficult enough stop to find, given its status as the last island before the red line.

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The unique composition of the Sabaody Archipelago gives it a surreal atmosphere, even by A play standards, and since the Straw Hats stop twice in the forest, he gets plenty of screen time to shine. Many of the show’s most important characters first appeared or first encountered the Straw Hats at this location, so its narrative significance also cannot be understated.

1 The breathtaking appearance of Enies Lobby makes it the most magnificent island in paradise

In the eyes of many A play fans, no bow ranks higher than Enies Lobby’s. The Straw Hat Pirates declare themselves enemies of the World Government, rescue and re-recruit Nico Robin, and eliminate CP9, all in the space of a single arc. While all of these moments on their own are great, their cohesion is only made possible by one thing: the mystical and wondrous design of Enies Lobby.

Enies Lobby is a base for world government which mainly handles court cases. Once a criminal is found guilty, they are transported through Enies Lobby, which constantly hangs above what seems like an endless chasm, through the Gates of Justice towards Marineford or Impel Down. This design is unlike any other view in A playmaking it the coolest island in paradise.

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