100 People Surveyed…and Here Are the Secret Items They Bought on Amazon


Do you know those people who seem to go through life with perfect hair, glowing skin, and no sign of their fur babies causing an unsightly mess on their clothes? So did I, and I wanted to see if I could conjure up the secret sauce and rise from mere mortal to an aspirational ethereal being of supposed perfection. After finding 100 people oozing perfection, I asked them what their secret was, and now I have good news.

Their indelible winning streak had nothing to do with the favor of the gods. It was more about their knowledge of secret items on Amazon. Every item on this list made me wonder out loud: How did I not know about this? My moment of truth is now your personal life hack, because I’m not keeping these must-haves to myself with this list of the best hidden Amazon items.

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Say goodbye to lint with this pet hair remover

through Amazon

My life wouldn’t be the same without my fur babies, but I could do without their fur all over the furniture. I’ve restored the look of my furniture and linens with this reusable fur remover that works wonders. It’s so easy to use and my home without fur gives me warm fluff.

Become a master of garlic preparation with this garlic peeler

through Amazon

I’m pretty much obsessed with garlic, but I’m inept when it comes to preparing garlic. That’s why I consider this Koopeh Designs Garlic Peeler a must-have hidden Amazon item. It cuts down on my prep time and makes it really easy, so I’m serving up delicious meals in no time.

Remove skin tags with this skin tag removal kit

through Amazon

There’s nothing like a skin tag to make me feel self-conscious and less than my best. Having dealt with this problem a bit more as I got older, I’m incredibly grateful for this easy-to-use skin tag remover. I feel better after using it, and I’m sure you do too.

Make cleaning a dream with this amazing cleaning paste

through Amazon

I’ve finally achieved household diva status with this cleaning paste that works like a miracle on stubborn spots and stains, making cleaning almost any surface a total dream! This vegan formula is building a reputation with over 151,000 reviews with an average of over 4.5 stars and I totally understand why!

Beautify your most beautiful face with a Dead Sea mud mask

through Amazon

Nothing makes me happier than finding secret items that help remove blemishes, so when our investigators shared this Dead Sea mud mask with me, I was beside myself. Its natural formula shrinks pores and eliminates acne, racking up over 30,000 5-star reviews!

Slice and dice faster with a professional-grade vegetable slicer

through Amazon

I’ve found my secret weapon for getting things done quickly in the kitchen. This 8-blade vegetable cutter does it all: slices, dices, cuts and chops all your vegetables and my hard-boiled eggs so I can sprinkle them on salads. And with over 16,000 reviews from happy Amazon customers, this won’t be a hidden Amazon item for long!

Get beautiful hair with this shampoo brush

through Amazon

Do you know those models with braids that seem to cascade in voluminous, effortless waves? They didn’t wake up like that. They take really good care of their hair roots with something like this shampoo brush that put me on the path to healthier hair in no time.

Heal Cracked Feet With This Exfoliating Foot Scrub

through Amazon

I used to think that dry, cracked feet were my destiny. Not so. I discovered something that active people with pretty feet already knew. They all use one of my new favorite secret items, this foot peel, to fix dry, cracked feet and keep everything looking great from head to toe.

Grab an ice roller that leaves you flawless

through Amazon

Another secret to effortless beauty is that they let that ice roller do all the hard work for them. I love how quickly it reduces puffiness and there has been a noticeable difference in the firmness of my facial skin. You can also use this roller on your arms, legs and chest.

Get a Royal Tushie treatment with this bidet

through Amazon

Okay, I have to admit: I’ve always been curious about bidets, so when they showed up in our survey results, I was thrilled to find out I wasn’t alone. One of my favorite hidden Amazon items, this top-notch bidet is easy to install, cleans itself, and comes with an 18-month warranty.

Clean your ears thoroughly with this earwax removal kit

through Amazon

Are you trying to talk about big earwax? I’m not all ears. However, we need to keep our ears clean, and this earwax removal kit from Debrox serves as a serious ear detox. The deep clean feeling goes far beyond what any cotton swab does, leaving me and all ears feeling refreshed.

Get a pretty pedicure with this callus remover

through Amazon

I love Pedi-Egg Callus Remover because it helps achieve that fresh pedicure look without wasting time and money at the salon. It removes dead, dry skin and calluses in seconds so I can step into these strappy sandals without hesitation.

Get a grip with this finger and hand strengthening exercise

through Amazon

As far as secret items go, this is perhaps one of the most underrated. This manual exercise could help prevent arthritis and carpal tunnel. With how long I sit at my computer, I keep one on at all times and do a few reps when I take breaks.

Stop hairy situations with this pet hair remover

through Amazon

This is Amazon’s second hidden item to help remove fur left behind by my pets, and it’s a miracle worker. I can get your fur baby’s hair out of my clothes just by throwing this Fur Zapper in your washer and dryer. It’s that simple and it’s reusable.

Get rid of indoor flies with this fruit fly trap

through Amazon

Every time fruit flies appear in my kitchen, it freaks me out. How did they introduce themselves? No one talks about these nasty little pests, but thanks to this indoor fruit fly killer, I can rest easy knowing there are secret items that easily fix the problem.

Say Goodbye to Blemishes with a Zit-Zapping Patch

through Amazon

I’m so relieved to be able to stop blemishes in their tracks with the Mighty Patch, a secret item that I desperately wish was there during my high school days. The Mighty Patch features an award-winning, vegan formula that makes pimples disappear overnight, keeping my skin clear.

Get Insta-Ready Hair With This Hot Air Brush

through Amazon

This hair dryer and hot air brush ended my internal struggle between wanting model hair and loving a messy bun. It gives me Insta-ready hair in a fraction of the time, making it one of those Amazon hidden items that I wonder how I ever lived without.

Restore your feet with this wooden foot massager

through Amazon

Whether my feet hurt at the end of the day, I need treatment, or my plantar fasciitis flares up, this fantastic little foot massager makes me feel like I’m at a spa. It has been updated to reflect customer feedback, now offering reflex acupoint therapy and improved wooden pegs.

Cover your scent with this magic stink spray

through Amazon

The Original Poo-Pouri Spray reigns supreme as the GOAT solution to a stinky situation, which is why it was no surprise to see the Original Citrus Odor Neutralizer on this list of hidden Amazon items. I no longer have to worry about anyone knowing I just went when I spritz right before the act.

Sleep like a queen on this satin pillowcase

through Amazon

I had no idea how much I was missing until I started sleeping with a satin pillowcase like this with 188,000 5 star reviews. There’s a reason it’s on the secret list: I found my skin and hair looked better in the morning after sleeping on the soft satin.

Get into Boss mode with this clothes steamer

through Amazon

I learned early in my career that every detail counts to make a good impression. That’s why this handheld garment steamer is a favorite in the world of Amazon Hidden Items. It’s easy to use and delivers beautiful results, preparing your wardrobe for the next big meeting.


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