2 Most Comfortable Masks for Kids of 2022 (Based on Reviews)


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Some schools require children to wear masks, which means some children struggle to keep them on all day. I mean, if some toddlers have trouble keeping their shoes or jackets on, it’s no surprise that toddlers find masks uncomfortable. So to keep parents, teachers, and babysitters a little sane as they follow protocol, we’ve rounded up the face masks parents swear by.

Parents say their children had no complaints about these masks, saying they were comfortable, breathable and fitted well. Find out which mask your child will prefer for school, indoor events, and more.

Face Covering Tips for Kids and Parents

After you find the best masks for your kids, you can help them remember to grab their masks by leaving a clean one in the car or packing extra disposable masks in their backpacks. You can also hang clean masks near the front door.

Just remember, children under the age of two should not wear a mask. There is a risk of choking with children this young. If you are still concerned about a choking hazard with your young child, seek advice from a health expert or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to learn more about the spread of COVID-19.

Physical distancing and mask mandates vary by school, but if you want your child to take extra precautions, you can encourage them to wash their hands more often at school or buy them hand sanitizer. hands.

The best face masks for kids


  • Best Masks for Kids (Reusable)

These machine washable face masks are stretchy and fit the wearer snugly. There’s top-notch grip around the nose and chin without it feeling uncomfortable. If you spent a lot of money during the coronavirus pandemic on masks, it’s time to consider reusable masks.

There are different colors included, so kids may be a little more excited about wearing stylish masks instead of blue surgical masks that don’t fit them properly. Need proof of fit? Here is what two satisfied customers (parents desperate to find kid-approved masks) said.

I bought these masks in black for my 6 and 8 year olds. My youngest had trouble breathing through the fabric ones and losing them at school. The masks are of good quality. I like the nose guard on them to help keep it in place and my child is able to keep it on all day at school.”

“They’re easy to breathe in – he has to wear a mask all day at school and he says they’re comfortable even running around at PE and on the playground.”

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comfortable masks for children (black disposable masks)


  • Disposable & 3 layers of protection/triple layer

Here is the perfect pack of disposable face masks for kids. Breathable face masks are not adult sized but are designed to fit a child’s face. They measure 3.7 inches x 5.7 inches, making them a comfortable fit for kids two years and older.

Like most high quality adult masks, these masks have three layers of fabric for extra protection. There’s also an adjustable metal that runs along the top like a nose clip!

Wearing a mask probably wasn’t the most fun part of back to school, but it can be a whole lot easier now, thanks to these stretch masks. Here are two outstanding reviews from parents and Grand parents:

Bought this for my 5 year old granddaughter, she loves that it matches all her outfits and she says it’s so comfortable and easy to breathe. Happy little girl 🙂

“These fit great and hold their shape so they don’t rub against his mouth when he breathes. He doesn’t complain when he wears these masks. Highly recommend for kids who have to wear masks for long long periods.”

Also, most places will not require KN95 masks, N95 masks, or any type of surgical mask, a cloth face mask will usually do if they are needed.

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