6 Sports Card Dealers in the World’s Top 25 eBay Sellers


Three trading card retailers are among eBay’s ten largest sellers worldwide.

New data show COMC (7and), DC Sports (8and) and Greg Morris cards (10and) topped the pack in a list compiled by eBay Marketplace Pulse and based on aggregate feedback given to them by buyers during the month of March.

Probstein123 (13and), Burbank sports cards (17and) and newcomer to the top 25, Minneapolis-based 2 Brothers Sports Cards.

Most sports card sellers primarily offer individual cards ranging from less than $1 to $100,000 or more via direct sale or auction. COMC is a consignment seller that offers users the ability to list their cards on eBay and Amazon.

COMC had over 34,000 comment ratings last month, just ahead of DCSports. Burbank and Greg Morris lead the total lifetime list with each now over 2.2 million since joining eBay, followed by COMC (1.8 million) and Probstein (1.7 million).

England-based Music Magpie is the world’s top eBay seller by feedback, with over 15.6 million sales (117,032 last month).

Here are links to each sports card seller and their 30-day review totals:

  1. CCOM 34,296
  2. DCSports 33,237
  3. Greg Morris Cards 27,296
  4. Probstein123 23,164
  5. Burbank Sports Cards 19,362
  6. 2bros788 14,738

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