A New Approach to Data Management: Focus on Ease of Use and Scalability


One of the biggest challenges in enterprise computing is getting data into the hands of users and businesses.

Data intelligence firm Collibra NV is tackling this problem by integrating ease of use and scale aspects into its solutions by providing fast access to the right data, according to Laura Sellers (pictured), chief product officer of Collibra, who said the Enterprise Data Marketplace provides an enhanced data shopping experience for companies looking to easily find, understand and access data.

“As we look at what we’re announcing with these ease-of-use and scale innovations, it’s really about making teams more productive to start with and the ability to manage data across the organization,” said said Sellers. “What we’re heralding on the usability side of the world is first and foremost our data marketplace. It is the possibility for all users to quickly discover and access data and to buy it easily. »

Sellers spoke with industry analyst theCUBE Dave Vellante at “Data Citizen 2022”, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s live streaming studio. They explained why ease of use and scale are important in the data space and how Collibra makes it happen. (*Disclosure below.)

An Amazon-like data shopping experience

By offering a data shopping experience that mimics that of Amazon, the time to value is accelerated, sellers say. Additionally, “the masses” are better able to easily access, understand and trust data.

“Having a consumer-grade experience, where users can quickly access and find the data, trust that data, understand where the data is coming from, and then be able to access it quickly, that’s the idea. to be able to buy them – just making it as simple as possible and really speeding up the time to value for all the business analysts, data analysts out there,” she said.

An influx of data technologies is one of the causes of friction. Collibra is meeting this challenge with new product innovations, including the ability to process data quality operations in Snowflake and leverage data quality management in the cloud without having to worry about egress fees and Spark compute dependencies.

“We are also introducing the ability to push data quality into Snowflake; we just reduce the friction,” Sellers added. “Another thing we’re launching with this is what we’re calling Collibra Protect. And it’s this ability for users to be able to ingest metadata, understand where the PII data is, and then set more policies.

Since ease of use is at the heart of Collibra, this provides users with reliable data for enhanced use cases. Therefore, the company’s new homepage focuses on this goal.

“The next thing we’re also introducing is the new homepage; it’s really about the ability to drive adoption and allow users to find data faster,” she said. “So we focused on richer experiences, a broader partner ecosystem, and a platform that delivers the performance, scalability, and security that our users and teams need and demand.”

Collibra also incorporates the usability aspect through the workflow designer, according to the vendor, who said it improves scalability through automation.

“We are also introducing something called Workflow Designer,” she said. “It’s a big differentiator to be able to automate business processes. The designer is really a way for more people to be able to create those workflows, collaborate on those workflows, as well as be able to easily interact with them.

For a data-driven culture to materialize, analytics must come into play. Therefore, Collibra presents a data engagement system that allows users to leverage different expertise, such as management and analytics , according to sellers.

“One of the big motivations and passions we have at Collibra is to help with this data-driven culture that all companies are trying to create – and also to help with data literacy,” she said. note. “With something like usage analytics, it’s really about driving adoption of the Collibra platform, understanding what’s working, who’s accessing it, what’s not.”

Here’s the full video interview, some of SiliconANGLE and theCUBE’s coverage of the Data Citizens Event 2022:

(*Disclosure: TheCUBE is a paid media partner for the Data Citizens Event 2022. Neither Collibra NV, the event coverage sponsor of theCUBE, nor the other sponsors have any editorial control over the content of theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

Photo: SiliconANGLE

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