A new Middle-earth game is in development from the studio behind the visual effects of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy


Take Two Private Division’s publishing label has announced that it is working with Wētā Workshop (opens in a new tab)the production company that created the special effects for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, on a new game “set in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth universe”.

The game, which will be based on the “literary works of the series”, is currently in early development and is expected to launch in Take Two’s 2024 fiscal year, although a specific release date naturally hasn’t been announced. been announced.

Private Division Chief Michael Worosz said “We are thrilled to partner with Wētā Workshop to publish a game set in such an extraordinary and famous universe”, adding that “no entity is better equipped than the Wētā Workshop team to create a new and distinctive Middle-earth gaming experience.”

There is certainly some truth in that. Wētā Workshop has been regularly involved in many Tolkien projects over the past two decades. Most notably, Wētā was behind the visual effects for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, which, if you’ve ever watched the extended edition DVD extras, involves some pretty incredible stuff, like the thousands of costumes amazing and most movies. superb “Bigatures” such as the models of Rivendell and Minas Tirith. Wētā also worked on the lesser-loved (but still amazing) Hobbit Trilogy and, more recently, was involved in Amazon’s highly anticipated prequel series.

There’s very little information about what kind of game Wētā is making, but Wētā Interactive head Amie Wolken offered some tantalizing treats, saying “It’s a privilege to make a new game set in Middle-earth, especially one that is so different from what fans have played before.” Wolken further added “We are excited for players to explore Middle-earth in a way they never have before.”

Combine that last statement with Wētā’s deep experience with Tolkien-based world-building, and I guess this is a LOTR open-world game, reaching beyond the borders of Mordor as seen in “Shadow of (opens in a new tab)But that guess is only educated at the elementary school level. It could be absolutely anything from a Shire management sim to a Nazgûl kart racer.

Either way, I’m all for it. Monolith hasn’t returned to Mordor since 2017, instead working on its long Wonder Woman development (opens in a new tab)Game. There is this Gollum (opens in a new tab)Daedalic Entertainment game in the works, but our first impressions were mixed (opens in a new tab)and it was also delayed (opens in a new tab). You can read the full announcement of Wētā’s new game here (opens in a new tab).


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