A seller caught between Amazon and UPS


Dear Ina,

Amazon’s Buy Shipping program using UPS has an ongoing program. The following cases may occur and have affected us.

1) Package damaged and requesting to file an insurance claim.

2) Address Correction Fee $18

3) Additional $11.75 processing fee error

In each case, Amazon will tell you to contact the carrier (UPS) and UPS will tell you that the contract between the two companies makes it Amazon’s responsibility.

I agree with UPS. Amazon should manage everything from their site, program, and UPS account.

Address correction charges should not occur in the first place and Amazon should bear these charges without the seller knowing. That is why,

1) Amazon does not verify its customer address

2) Sellers cannot change the address provided

3) The seller must ship the order to this address

Thus, the seller has absolutely no ability to avoid this random charge, which in our case turned out to take away our NET margin or put us in the negative on this transaction. Amazon has made its money. UPS made its money, but we got screwed.

As for the insurance claim, we tried twice and failed twice with running around both companies.

Now here is my breaking point. Working on 2021 taxes and decided to click all adjusted processing transactions. Checked each. Some were correct in their adjustments, but I ended up finding 11 transactions where the amount verified by UPS was exactly the same as what we entered and I know for a fact that those packages were correct.

For example, we shipped a 30x8x3 box and entered 3lbs. Amazon lists 48 OZ as the weight and 30x8x3 as the dimensions next to the original shipping cost. The amount verified by UPS is 30x8x3 3 LB. There are 16 OZ in 1 LB. So 48 OZ equals 3 LB. Exactly the same, but they charged us $11 or $11.75 (increased fee).

I have screenshots of all transactions and I have screenshots of the communication between UPS and us and Amazon and us telling us to contact the other company. This is the 4th time in the past 3 years that I have attempted to troubleshoot a UPS/Amazon issue with the same result of looping with no one willing to help.

The amounts are not worth arbitration, but if it impacts us, it impacts the other sellers.



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