A travel writer loves these comfy Amazon heels that start at $19


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Wedding season is upon us, and for many people (myself included), that means spending weekend after weekend eating, drinking and dancing to our heart’s content. Yet, as fun as all those parties can be, there are downsides to constant celebrations, from the costs (think: hotels, plane tickets, and freebies) to the difficulty of finding the right outfits to wear for each event — including the shoes. Getting a pair of cute, comfy and appropriate heels for fancy affairs is no easy task, which is why I’m obsessed with these $25 strappy heels from Amazon that have become my wedding go-tos .

I first discovered Top Moda Hannah-1 heels last fall while planning a wedding afternoon in Arizona, and realized at the last minute that none of my shoes was the right color or style for the occasion. After a frantic search on Amazon, I found this option from TOP Moda, which seemed just right: cute and strappy, neutral in color and with a slightly chunky mid-height heel that didn’t seem to cause severe pain or ache at the feet. Nearly 8,000 buyers had given the shoes five stars, so I picked up a pair of tans for just $26 and hoped for the best.

I barely had time to try them on before the wedding arrived, but on the day I was thrilled to find that the heels lived up to all the hype. Not only did they look great with my pale pink dress, they were surprisingly comfortable out of the box, keeping me happy and pain-free for several hours as I strolled, mingled, and danced. I didn’t start feeling bad until the very end of the wedding (okay, that’s only five hours later), and even then I was able to walk in it with no problem until we got back in the hotel.

A few months later, I wore the heels to another wedding – this time an all night affair at a resort in Mexico, thus requiring a plot more movement. At first, I worried that the shoes wouldn’t hold up to so many encounters and dances, but I shouldn’t have doubted that; they held up, and then some, allowing me to focus all my attention on celebrating the newlyweds rather than my sore toes. As a bonus, even when I really got down on the dance floor with my friends, the ankle straps and buckle closure on the heels kept my feet locked in and out of danger of slipping, so I didn’t need to adjust them. constantly.

Despite the incredibly affordable price, the heels have held up for over nine months and have shown no wear. And even though I only paid $26 for a pair, no one would be more wise. In fact, I wore the shoes again to my own wedding welcome party last April, pairing them with a tight white maxi dress, and was ecstatic to receive tons of compliments from the guests on the whole look. A few weeks later, before a cousin’s wedding (it’s a busy year!) with an optional dress code, I bought a second pair of black heels for $26 to match my silver metallic dress. They looked just as good as the tan pair and felt just as good on my feet.

While these Amazon heels are one of my best-kept secrets for wedding season (and, well, any dressier occasion needs comfortable shoes), others have discovered these “perfect shoes” that, according to reviews, are “even more stunning and elegant than pictured.” One shopper, who wrote he doesn’t wear heels often, bought a pair for a New Year’s Eve party and said they were comfortable ‘right out of the box’. Another said the heels ‘arrived in perfect condition’, had ‘no blisters’ and had ‘no balance issues even after a full day and night bachelorette party!” One final reviewer complimented the comfortable heel height, sharing that they wore them for seven hours in a “pain free” wedding.

The Top Moda heels are so good that I could honestly choose the shoes in a few other colors (there are over 50 options to choose from, including metallic, crystal embellished and textured raffia styles for seaside events ) over the year. , because I still have five weddings and several welcome parties and rehearsals looming on the horizon (I told you, 2022 is no joke). Heels are so stylish, versatile and easy to wear that it’s silly not to stock up.

The best news is that many color options are on sale on Amazon for up to 58% off their listing price (like the blacks I own). And if you’re looking for another neutral shoe for events or to pair with summer dresses, my favorite tan shade is down to just $33, which is still a total steal. Shop all styles ASAP before prices go up and you run out of great bargains.


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