Abhijit Kamra, Director of Global Commerce, Amazon: “The mission is to help transform buying and selling; looking forward to collaborating with the ONDC’


‘The mission is to help transform buying and selling; looking forward to collaborating with the ONDC’

For domestic exporters enrolled in Amazon Global Selling’s global selling program, the opportunity to capitalize on festive sales does not come just from Diwali. This is one of the reasons why the e-commerce conglomerate has doubled its export target from India to $20 billion from $10 billion by 2025, said Abhijit Kamra, director of the global commerce at Amazon in an interview with Aashish Aryan. Edited excerpts:

Amazon has doubled its export target from India. Aren’t you worried that the target may exert pressure and lead to a drop in quality?

$20 billion is a very large number. It will have to be all the categories that add up, then the new categories that the entrepreneurs experiment with. Geographically, what we do is that as soon as a new market opens up, we also open it up for Indian exporters so that they can take advantage of it.

The seller community has evolved significantly over the past few years and now understands the value of a good customer experience. It is also linked to the identity of the brand. If you put a good product in the hands of customers, they will reward you with good sales. The second thing is that there are very transparent mechanisms that encourage good behavior. And one of the simplest examples of this is customer reviews. If you make a poor quality product, the customer will give you a bad review so that the next buyer knows not to buy from you.

It’s a very transparent way to encourage natural selection and encourage sellers to up their customer satisfaction game. We see a lot of people reacting to this because they now understand that this is a long term game and they are building long term brands. Sellers respond constructively.

How challenging will the open network for digital commerce be?

Our mission is to help transform buying and selling in India and digitize local family shops, micro, small and medium enterprises and small and medium enterprises. Any initiative that helps digitize these stores across India, either by simplifying the adoption of technology or otherwise, is an important initiative. We look forward to engaging with ONDC to see what role we can play in serving Indian customers.

What are the top product categories and cities that have seen growth since the launch of the Global Selling program?

We are on track this year to reach $5 billion in cumulative exports from India. In 2020, when Jeff Bezos was here, we took a pledge of $10 billion by 2025 and now we’re doubling that to $20 billion in the same time frame.

So if you think of North India, we have Delhi which is doing well. But we also have Jaipur, Noida, Jodhpur where many exporters come from. And typical categories include pet products, toys, office products and accessories, and leather bags.

In South India, again the usual Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad are there. But there is also plenty of action from Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai. The products that are doing well here are home clothes, kitchen products and others. Home entertainment and sports products are also starting to do well.


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