Alan Ritchson Signs Three-Film Deal With Amazon After Reacher Success


Amazon Studios wants more Alan Ritchson where that came from. Following the resounding success of the Prime Video series Reach, which features Ritchson in the lead role, it was announced that Amazon has signed the actor to a new deal to star in three feature films. A statement from Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke has been released announcing the new partnership, which you can read below, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

Reach exceeded our wildest expectations, and Alan’s captivating performance played a huge role in the series’ success. We couldn’t be more excited to continue to grow our relationship and share what are sure to be more brilliant performances with our global Prime Video audience.

Ritchson once played a live-action version of Aquaman on Smallville years before Jason Momoa took over the DCEU role. He can also be recognized for his role in the television series blue mountain state with its movie sequel. Most recently, the actor starred as Hawk in the HBO Max series Titanshaving since left the series before starring in Reach. On the big screen, Ritchson is known for playing Raphael in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films and played a role in Hunger Games – Catching Fire. He made his directorial debut with the film Dark Web: Cicada 3301.


Ritchson took on his most popular role yet as the lead in Reach, which debuted on Prime Video in February. The series is based on Lee Child’s Jack Reach book series and received praise for its casting, as many fans believe Ritchson resembles how the character is portrayed in the source material. The series quickly found success, garnering strong reviews in addition to huge viewership, becoming the first Prime Video series to top the Nielsen streaming charts. Season 2 has since been ordered from Prime Video.

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Reacher will return for season 2

Previously, Reach Showrunner Nick Santora explained why Alan Ritchson is perfect as Jack Reacher. He explained how it was a very difficult character to cast, as it needed someone who not only could pull off the look that fans were expecting, but who could also convincingly convey Jack’s intelligence. Ritchson had made a strong impression with his audition, and although the Reach The team continued to screen other actors to be sure they realized they had found their man.

“It’s a tough cast of characters. Don Granger, a producer on this project, says it all the time, ‘Lee Child wrote a character that doesn’t exist in the real world.’ He’s the tallest person in the world. He’s the smartest person in the world. He can be incredibly brave, incredibly smart, and incredibly funny. I’ve never met this person in the real world, so this was a difficult casting process. We saw a handful of incredibly talented actors for Reacher. We saw Alan reading and we kept looking, but he was still there, in our database. We finally came back and We said, ‘Let’s look at Alan again.’ The actors who auditioned for this role were so good that kudos to Alan for getting the part. He didn’t win over amateurs. He won over actors. really talented and experienced.

Season 2 has no release date, but you can watch season 2 from Reach on Prime Video.

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