Alessandra Repini, what distinguishes the Italian woman and why she is so admired in the world


“The Italian Lady” is the book proving that any woman can become more charming, joyful, tasteful and live well, by adopting a “touch” of the Italian lifestyle in her own life.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial):- Milano, Lombardia April 19, 2022 ( – It’s all about Italian women: how they dress, how they eat, how they furnish their homes, how they love culture, how they travel, how they have fun with family and friends.

The book The Italian Lady by Alessandra Repini (Bruno Editore, 2022) is a cheerful guide full of practical facts, shortcuts and Study Guides allowing the reader to always do beautiful figure (good impression) in any type of situation anywhere in the world – without tedious research: master a conversation about Italian wines and cuisine, opera or the Renaissance, as well as the organization of an Italian dinner, furnishing your home with the best pieces of Italian design, choosing the best outfit for every occasion and much more.

Practical, real, current and authentic information is guaranteed by the author – a contemporary woman, 100% Italian, born, raised and living in Milan. Alessandra Repini simply tells about herself and her observation of many other Italian women, surpassing the outdated stereotypes known to the world.

“The Italian Lady” is written by a woman for women around the world. The target being large, Amazon is the best media to reach it. The author chose Bruno Editor publishing for their extensive experience in launching ebooks and books on Amazon, consistently placing them at the Nr. 1 Best Sellers Ranking.

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