Amazon accused of selling marijuana through its portal: MP Police


CAIT deeply regretted that every time the government considers action against Amazon, it has a stereotypical response.

New Delhi: In the sale of marijuana through the Amazon e-commerce portal, the Bhind Police of Madhya Pradesh, who are investigating the case, have named the executive directors of Amazon Seller Services Limited as charged under Section 38 of the NDPS law.

Traders across the country appreciate the firmness of the MP’s police in this matter and congratulated MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra for the efficiency of the police system in the MP, a CAIT said in a statement.

Previously, the Confederation of All Traders of India (CAIT) greatly appreciated Narottam Mishra’s statement giving a strong and unequivocal warning to Amazon that either to cooperate with the MP’s police investigation, otherwise they would be brought to the deputy by force.

Mishra’s statement has raised hope in the business community across the country that this time around this sensational problem will not be diluted as the statement blocked all escape routes for Amazon, CAIT said.

CAIT said the current report on the sale of marijuana through Amazon’s electronic portal is a big shock and an eye opener that in order to make a profit, these companies can do anything or everything, including selling products. prohibited.

CAIT has deeply regretted that whenever the government considers action against Amazon, it stereotypically responds that the company is conducting an internal investigation. The relevant question is whether Amazon is bigger than the government. Whenever there is illegality, they launch an internal probe to avoid an external probe. Our agencies consider their investigation to be more important than the Indian investigation and therefore are not taking any action that encourages these companies to commit more and more bad practices, CAIT said.

“It has been reported that Amazon facilitates the trade in marijuana through its e-commerce platform which is meant to only serve as a bridge between buyer and seller for the sale and purchase of authorized goods / services. , from recent findings by Madhya Pradesh police, it is clear that the drug rackets exploited on the market platform are not without the knowledge and active participation of Amazon, but Amazon has been fully involved by storing these narcotics in their warehouses, provided that their delivery channels are safe and secure delivery of drugs to customers and also taking a significant portion of the sales proceeds (around 66%) as commission on profits / sales, ”CAIT said.

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