Amazon Black Friday UK: Live updates on the best deals ahead of Black Friday Week



Oh, buddy, I’m starting to get pretty tired now. I’m excited for this live blog post, but here’s the good news: we’re going to make it work for a bit longer, so bookmark it and come back to see what we spotted in Amazon’s Black Friday Week sale.

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Oh man I’ve never even heard of it before. Never even conceived of them. But now I want them with my very being.

Get a drill (one for my birthday, always on the hunt for things to drill), tie one up, hammer it into the dirt and some pressure later you have an anchor to hold all kinds of stuff.

A hangar ? A trampoline? A marquee (probably?) These can do it all – I just remembered there’s a deal, showing how much I care about the price.

Just imagine taking them out to a barbecue with other parents. Guarantee two people will ask where I got them.

Let’s look at it offers under £ 15, let’s go? It makes me feel like I’m rummaging through a yard sale – except instead of finding old Beano annuals, I wonder if I need a MicroSD card for £ 7.39 (update: I don’t. But it’s cheap).

We have an Under Armor kit – but it’s not really less than £ 15 unless you want socks or a travel kit. Then there’s the Amazon smart plug for a dime under £ 15., which is great if you want to Alexa-if your home.

I’ll be honest, these offers under £ 15 are a bit steep. It’s mostly ‘really expensive stuff with a cheap thing thrown in the category so it can be pushed into the £ 15 section’.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money – stop getting clicked so much, Amazon.

As mentioned, baby stuff is relevant to my interests. So Amazon’s huge sale on all kinds of baby material suddenly is something that I look at with enthusiasm.

A lot, parcel stair guards here, but I’m tempted by that baby bouncer at 27% discount… if only it wasn’t so girly and pink and unicorn. Would it be too much to ask for a little more, I don’t know, not stereotypical?

Oh, this Swing’n’Go looks good – a bit more expensive and I’ll definitely stumble upon it, but that’s way more what I’m looking for.

Swing'n'go on white background

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Sorry – just to confirm – this latest offer was for the Fire TV Stick Light, so no fancy 4K streaming for you. But again, that’s the price of two pints in London, so …

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite on orange background

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Are you not ready for another deal? These are Amazon’s own devices again – and this time we noticed that the Fire TV Stick has dropped to just £ 15 – a remarkable saving, and once again in evidence: never buy Amazon devices outside of Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day.

They always get big discounts this time of year, and you can outfit your home for almost 50% less. My mom has a Fire TV stick. I love that.

The remote, however, continues to be lost – it’s too thin.

A lot of people are wondering if Black Friday will be so big this year – it’s an interesting question in the UK. While it was certainly down in 2020 compared to 2019 and some big retailers like Next are pulling out this year, we are already seeing some great deals on tech emerging already.

The key question is whether this is a trend that will intensify until next week, when Black Friday officially kicks off on November 26 (Brits don’t have Thanksgiving to tell them when sales are going to take place) or if supply chain issues mean the big discounts are coming in now.

Listen i know you can get the Echo Dot (3rd gen) for £ 18.99. Big Oops.

You can now get the Echo Dot (4TH GENERATION!) For £ 28.99. An extra tenner for better sound, a nicer look, and the nice rounded shape (which is great for starting across the room if it ever stops working) is a good investment in my eyes.

My rule of thumb: 3rd gen for places you don’t really go but might want to turn on the lights, 4th gen for anywhere else.

Image of Amazon offers

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Okay, let’s start by dissecting all the best deals on the landing page: I love the look of the AirPods Pro, up to £ 199. Fair warning – they’re at this price point at a lot of UK retailers right now (John Lewis has them too, with this nice long guarantee) but it’s a top price.

You can also buy refurbished devices for £ 25 less, but you don’t get MagSafe charging with that – just the boring old wireless charging box (pssst … it’s basically the same).

Okay, it’s game time. Amazon’s Black Friday Week sales have officially started. Let’s go!

I just got inexplicably invited to Miss America 2021 – 100 years of the pageant, apparently. I don’t know why I got the invitation, it’s not really the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 …

.. where is it? Do I have to prove to Samsung that I am checking my emails?

Hmmm … no, it’s just the contest.

Miss america logo

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Like I said, I’m here until the early hours to give you a whole slew of Black Friday updates – it’s interesting to see how everything has changed. 10 years ago, we were stretching out thinking about chilling out for Christmas and wondering if the iPhone 4 was coming next year.

Today I spent some time looking at the data to see what was going on in the world of Black Friday deals in different countries around the world before I got back online late in the evening to see what Amazon is doing. pour into its offerings tonight.

I also had a baby, but that’s not really relevant. I like it and I like to tell the world about it.

Okay, let’s start with a tasty little deal that seems to have leaked before midnight: The Amazon Echo Show 5 is the cheapest it’s ever been, and our review says it’s “a great device. for those looking for a smart first display “.

What’s your first smart screen? Well, it’s kind of like a smartphone that you can’t take with you because of the pesky plug, will show you someone at the door if you have a video doorbell, and start talking randomly if anyone. one says “I’m going to text her ‘in a way that looks too much like Alexa.

Does this sound like something you want? Well, be glad you didn’t buy it last week as an absolute mug.

Amazon main header image with logo on black background

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Oh hello there. It’s late Thursday night and yet we’re bracing for a glut of Amazon Black Friday deals.

Why is that? Well, the retailer clearly doesn’t like letting reporters sleep – it’s almost time for the Black Friday Week sale to begin, with rumors of all kinds of offers appearing to give you, noble buyer, the chance to buy. those pesky Christmas gifts. , wrapped up and then accidentally left in the closet when you head to your parents’ house on December 24th.

How will you find out about the latest offers? Well, you can just go to the Amazon Black Friday Week sale and find all the stuff there – we won’t blame you for that.

But if you do decide to stick around, we’re going to bring you a glut of buying advice, the best deals we see, and a look at what it’s like behind the scenes of trying to sift through the mega-amount of Black. Friday deals to see what’s really worth telling you about.


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