Amazon buys One Medical



While Apple claims to be a big name in the healthcare industry because people use its smartwatches, Amazon is really getting big name by acquiring private US healthcare network One Medical for $3.9 billion.

Neil Lindsay, vice president of healthcare at Amazon, in a statement that the online bookseller intends to reinvent the healthcare industry – let’s hope it thinks about making things a little cheaper.

Amazon has been interested in health for a while. In 2019, she launched a telemedicine service, called Amazon Care. Initially dedicated to firm employees, the service, which includes home visits, was offered in 2021 to all companies in the United States.

In 2020, she launched Amazon Pharmacy, a prescription drug delivery platform. Previously, the group founded by Jezz Bezos had given up on a project, started in 2018, for a new health coverage system with the bank JPMorgan Chase and the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate.

Amazon says it aspires to develop a more modern, more lifestyle-friendly, more personalized, and less time-consuming healthcare offering.

“We see many opportunities to improve the quality of service and save people time,” he added.

One Medical is led by San Francisco, Calif.-based 1Life Healthcare, which has been publicly traded since early 2020.


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