Amazon CEO Andy Jassy accused of breaking labor laws with union-busting comments


The NLRB accused Jassy of violating labor laws based on comments made in earlier interviews where he called unions harmful to employees.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is currently in hot water with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) over anti-union comments made in past interviews. As reported by CNBC, the NLRB mentions interviews including one with CNBC in April and another that took place last June during the Bloomberg Tech Summit.

Speaking to CNBC, Jassy noted that if employees could vote in a union, they might be less empowered to make changes in the workplace, and things would get “much slower” and “more bureaucratic.” “.

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Meanwhile, in the Bloomberg Interview, Jassy also spoke negatively about unions, saying workers would be “better off without a union.” According to Ronald Hooks, regional director of the NLRB’s Seattle office, Jassy’s comments are considered to “interfere with, restrict and coerce employees in exercising rights guaranteed” in national labor relations law.

Fight back, Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel said CNBC this:

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As for what Amazon will need to do moving forward, it will first have to respond to the NLRB’s complaint by Nov. 8, with the bureau having already scheduled a hearing for Feb. 7, 2023. Additionally, the NLRB’s complaint asks Amazon to provide workers with a notice informing them of their labor rights, either by mail or email.

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