Amazon CEO says layoffs will continue through 2023


While downsizing is rarely a pleasant event, especially for those affected, examining Amazon’s hiring trends over the past nearly three years makes the company’s layoffs less surprising. According Bloomberg, the company’s global workforce grew by 75% during the pandemic to keep pace with increased online shopping by people quarantined or working from home.

Today, as news of a looming recession reaches consumers and inflation remains high — although it has been falling since June, the US Inflation Calculator reports – Amazon could see a trend towards less inspired consumer activity in the upcoming holiday season. The average buyer simply has less money to spend, and a Deloitte study indicates that even those with pocket money are increasingly likely to spend it on travel, entertainment and experiences – more of a one-time-consumer holiday gift.

In his post, Jassy says big things are still coming to Amazon stores, advertising and Amazon Web Services – which is the company’s cloud and data services platform. The retailer will also continue to leap forward in its successful ancillary programs, including Prime Video, Alexa and the health effort recently passed.


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