Amazon, Ebay and Co.: The consumer center warns! Therefore, you should be careful while shopping online


Online shopping is now in place Amazon, eBay and Co. just as popular as shopping in stores. However, the whole thing has a downside: As a customer, you cannot convince yourself of the quality of the products.

This is exactly why platforms like Amazon Where eBay encourages its customers to leave reviews on their orders. The Consumer Advice Center now explains why you shouldn’t necessarily trust the opinions of others online.

Amazon, Ebay and Co.: This is how you are influenced

Whether five, four or two stars: Product ratings play a role for many customers when shopping online. Online shop operators and online retailers are also aware of this. Some of them cleverly use Amazon or Ebay rating systems to their advantage.

An ongoing study by the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations shows how customers are unconsciously influenced.


More about Amazon:

  • The online mail order company was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos
  • In 2020, Amazon made $386 billion in revenue
  • Amazon is the fourth most valuable company in the world after Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco and Microsoft
  • In Germany, Amazon has dozens of sites with more than 20,000 employees


Amazon, Ebay and Co.: Distorted overall picture

Not all reviews can be believed. In many cases, negative operator reviews are simply removed. If this is not possible, they threaten the client with lawyers and thus force the retraction of the reviews.


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In other cases, customers are even actively encouraged to write positive product reviews. In exchange for reviews, shops offer vouchers or free products.

According to the Consumer Advice Centre, the manipulation of ratings gives customers a distorted overall picture.

A glimmer of hope: on May 28, 2022, the modernization of a law which aims to ensure more transparency in the processing of ratings will come into force. Resellers must then indicate whether all reviews will be published or according to which rules the messages will be deleted.

Until then, reviews that sound too good to be true probably aren’t. (jdo)


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