Amazon Fresh has just launched a range of 15 plant-based alternatives


Not sure where to find tasty and affordable plant foods? Amazon Fresh’s new expanded plant-based selection will allow people across the country to have nutritious vegan food delivered right to their doorstep with 15 new products as part of its fresh plant-based product line. With plant-based demand at an all-time high, Amazon’s new selections aim to make vegan foods more accessible than ever.

Amazon’s Fresh Herbal Selection features 15 new-to-market products that will be distributed to retailers nationwide. Customers will also be able to order any of the plant-based foods directly from Amazon Marketplace. The Fresh Plant-Based line will include vegan patties, Italian meatballs, Chick’nNuggets and almond milk. The company intends to bring affordable plant-based options to people around the world, ensuring that new products don’t sacrifice quality or taste at all.

The vegan meat and dairy alternatives were developed with a nutrient-dense recipe. Patties have 21 grams of protein per serving, Crispy Chick’n Nuggets have 12 grams of protein per serving, and Amazon’s New Almond Milk products all have 50% more calcium than dairy milk conventional. Along with the product launch, Amazon posted customer reviews for new plant-based meat and dairy alternatives.

“I tried so many different brands trying to find one that would satisfy my taste buds,” one customer wrote of the plant-based patties. I’m so glad I tried them because I love them and will continue to buy them.

“Thumbs up Amazon Fresh, these plant-based meatballs are a home run!” Another guest wrote about Italian Plant Based Meatballs. “The texture is identical to meat. The flavor profile is perfect for an Italian-style meal. These pair perfectly in a marinara. Highly recommend as a direct replacement for eliminating meat from your diet, you won’t even notice a difference…these things are amazing!

Amazon announced that the company intends to continue expanding the selection of fresh produce throughout the year. The Fresh Plant-Based range aims to make plant-based foods more affordable across the market as more people become interested in healthier and more sustainable foods.

Amazon’s Plant-Based Application

People all over the world have started taking notice of plant-based foods and big companies, including Amazon, have taken notice. Last summer, Amazon recorded that shoppers searched for vegan meat 44,000 times during the month of June. The data has signified unprecedented demand for a plant-based alternative to meats.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery and online shopping are skyrocketing, adding $105 billion to American e-commerce in 2020. Now, Amazon’s new fresh herbal selection will cater to the huge online consumer base. Last June, Amazon shoppers searched for terms like “vegan burgers,” “vegan chicken,” “vegan meat,” and “vegan fish.”

Vegan delivery breaks records

Beyond the Fresh Plant-Based brand, Amazon is working with other retailers and businesses to expand its plant-based offerings. Late last year, online grocery company PlantX announced that it would partner with Amazon Marketplace to maximize its distribution and delivery capabilities. Now people can browse and buy from PlantX’s impressive grocery catalog, which currently offers more than 10,000 vegan products, including big vegan brands and smaller local products.

“We recognize the potential to join Amazon as a third-party seller on its platform,” PlantX CEO Lorne Rapkin said at the time. “Being active on Amazon Marketplace means we will be able to take advantage of Amazon’s world-class e-commerce resources.”

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