Amazon Fresh in Roseville signals a futuristic economy for the city


The California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control website shows that Amazon applied for a license at 7530 Elk Grove Boulevard in Elk Grove

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — There may be two Amazon Fresh stores in the Sacramento area, one in Elk Grove and one in Roseville.

According to the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control website, Amazon applied for a license at 7530 Elk Grove Boulevard in Elk Grove near Costco. However, at least one Elk Grove town official said he was asked not to comment.

The other possible Amazon Fresh location is at 6780 Stanford Ranch Road in Roseville. This location had been confirmed to ABC10 by the city of Roseville as early as January.

“At this point, we have not been advised of any specific timeline for this location,” said Melissa Anguiano, director of economic development for the town of Roseville. She did, however, explain what it would mean for the city.

“It provides another retail shopping experience. It’s jobs. It’s a sales tax for the local economy,” Anguiano said.

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What is an Amazon Fresh store?

According to Amazon’s website, Amazon Fresh stores “provide a seamless grocery shopping experience,” with conveniences like Just Walk Out shopping and Amazon Dash Cart that allow customers to simply skip the grocery line. payment.

Anguiano thought the store was an interesting idea.

“I’ve heard of the concept. 10 years ago we probably never would have imagined a store where you could probably walk through and check yourself out and scan as something goes into your cart, and probably pay as something goes into your cart, so it’s an interesting concept and I think another testament to how we’re changing as an economy,” Anguiano said.

She said the store demonstrates that Roseville is ready to embrace a futuristic economy.

“Moving forward, we offer a strong consumer and retail market that makes us an ideal place to test and deploy these innovative new concepts.”

ABC10 contacted Amazon for more information on store locations and openings, but received no additional information.

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Public tours begin at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tracy


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