Amazon Great Freedom Festival: Last day to buy home audio systems at great prices


Today is the last day to steal bestselling deals on everything you love. The Amazon Great Freedom Festival sale continues to feature thousands of deals and discounts across all categories. Are you a music lover and can’t take advantage of this Freedom Sale? Carefree! Buckle up without further ado. If you love creating a musical atmosphere or grooving to the beats of music, then today is the day to shop the best selling home audio systems at great prices. From speakers, woofers, and home theaters to soundbar sticks, you’ll be able to add them to your cart at discounted prices.

Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale on Home Audio Systems

If you are a true music lover, buy your favorite audio systems NOW.

1. GOVO GOSURROUND 2.1 Channel with HDMI, Optical and LED Display Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

This wireless Bluetooth soundbar is the most preferred choice for those who love music abnormally. The system’s captivating sound will hook you and won’t let you down until you make mistakes. This 620,100 watt sound system will help you enjoy ethereal sound quality the way you like it.

Price: Rs. 16,999

Deal: Rs. 5,999

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2. Akai Home Audio HA-SS65 Multimedia Speaker

This Akai Home Audio HA-SS65 multimedia speaker is a home theater tower that will make the atmosphere captivating in seconds. Both towers are also convertible into soundbars. In addition to column speakers, there are also subwoofers to improve the sound quality as much as possible.


Price: Rs. 7990

Deal: Rs. 4739

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3. Obage HT-144 100W 2.1 Home Theater Speaker System

This home theater speaker system will turn the boring atmosphere in your home into a musical one. This device is considered the best sound signature and the preferred choice of music lovers whose hearts yearn for high quality sound output. Enjoy pure music listening and movie watching time with this speaker available at a discounted price only at Amazon Freedom Sale.


Price: Rs. 10,000

Deal: Rs. 6499

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4. Panasonic SC-HT250GW-K 56W Bluetooth Home Theater

This home theater is a multimedia speaker system that can be used with computers, game consoles, televisions, smartphones and other music players. What’s interesting? This home cinema speaker also comes with a remote control. So relax on your bed or sofa and shuffle your playlist effortlessly.


Price: Rs. 7490

Deal: Rs. 5499

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5. Blaupunkt SP202 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker

This multimedia speaker is an iconic German brand that has developed state-of-the-art audio technology. The speaker is small and can easily be placed on any corner table. It is convenient and does not hurt your ears even if you are sitting right next to it. So let Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022 make things easier for you and your pocket.


Price: Rs. 4499

Case: Rs. 1999

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6. Sony HT-S40R Real 5.1ch Dolby Audio Soundbar

This soundbar is one of the best soundbars that you can never ignore. The superior sound quality, TV compatibility and smart appearance make it worth it. A three-channel speaker bar, rear speakers and subwoofer work together to deliver powerful full-frequency sound. What else do you need to enjoy a club-like experience at home?


Price: Rs. 34,990

Deal: Rs. 24,990

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7. Akai HA-TS50 50W Bluetooth Tower Speaker

This Akai HA-TS50 50W Bluetooth Tower Speaker is a unique floor standing tower speaker. It comes with a built-in mic jack to make you the star of the party. This discounted speaker delivers bold ultrasonic sound the way you want it.


Price: Rs. 7,990

Deal: Rs. 3,990

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You’ll be forever grateful to Amazon’s Great Freedom Festival this year as jaw-dropping prizes for your favorite home audio system made your day. Groove over musical tones and rhythms without worrying about anything else. These Bluetooth-enabled speakers and woofers will turn your home into a real club.

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