Amazon just announced PS5 bundles – how to get yours


Chances are we’ll see a PS5 drop during Prime Day, but if you can’t wait until July 12 – Amazon seems to have bundles of the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Bundle for $549. There is a small catch. You cannot simply purchase the bundle, but instead must request an invitation to purchase. (You can request an invite through the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Amazon product page (opens in a new tab)).

Last month, Amazon changed the way it handles PS5 restocks. Buyers must now request Amazon PS5 invites before a console drop. If you sign up and are invited to buy a PS5 from Amazon, you will receive an email invitation.

Amazon PS5 restocking (sign up to receive invites)

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How to sign up for the next Amazon PS5 restock

Screenshot of the PS5 bundle on Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

Of all the retailers that have offered PS5 drops in recent years, Amazon has been the hardest to track. Not only are Amazon PS5 restocks unexpected, but they also sell out within minutes. This is one of the reasons why Amazon has changed its replenishments to an invite-only system.

Signing up for a PS5 invite from Amazon is pretty simple. First, log in to your account (opens in a new tab) then head to the PS5 bundle product page on Amazon (opens in a new tab). The “Add to Cart” button on the PS5 page has been replaced with a “Request an Invite” button. Click on the request button and you will be automatically connected. That’s all !

Amazon says that if you’re invited to buy the PS5, you’ll receive an email with a link that’s good for 72 hours. Amazon makes it clear that it won’t be able to accommodate everyone, so signing up isn’t a guarantee you’ll get an invite or console.


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