Amazon Prime Gaming celebrates Fallout’s anniversary better than Bethesda


To fallThe 25th anniversary celebration is in full swing, with Bethesda and Amazon Prime Gaming celebrate by giving fans a plethora of content to enjoy. Bethesda celebrated throughout the year with a nostalgia-filled adventure in Fallout 76and the festivities will continue next year via a long-awaited next-gen update for Fallout 4. However, Amazon Prime Gaming seems to go to the next level.

As Bethesda celebrates the 25th anniversary in its final two To fall games, Prime Gaming offered subscribers the chance to claim Fallout 76 throughout October, and November will see this replaced by Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition. New Vegas is one of the most popular To fall titles, and it is distributed at no additional cost to subscribers. Bethesda adds content to one of the most controversial To fall titles, making for an even more interesting comparison as Prime Gaming is giving away entire games to celebrate the influential franchise.


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New content from Bethesda in Fallout 76

To fall is one of Bethesda’s biggest franchises, and many fans were excited to see how the developer was going to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Rumors filled the internet suggesting there was going to be a remake, a new game announcement, or a boatload of content in pre-existing games. Instead, Bethesda has largely stuck to celebrating the franchise. inside the controversy Fallout 76.

Bethesda mainly brought Fallout 76 players returning to The Pitt of Fallout 3. It was the focal point of an important Fallout 3 DLC, establishing a raider city built into the remains of Pittsburgh, and players had to fight their way through this city to decide its fate. It was a pretty fun DLC pack that fans enjoyed, so it’s great to see Bethesda reintroduce the city as an expedition for Fallout 76. However, besides a few cosmetic packs and a next-gen update for Fallout 4 next year is about the extent of Bethesda’s celebration.

Prime Gaming offers a lot more for Fallout fans

As Bethesda delivers new content in Fallout 76Prime Gaming has entire titles up for grabs over the next two months. Fallout 76 was made available through the Microsoft Store at no additional cost this month, although the deal expires on October 31. In November, subscribers will be able to pick up a Microsoft Store key for the popular Fallout: New Vegasthat some advertise as the best To fall game never made. Players will be able to explore the Mojave Desert through one of the best To fall stories so far, being Obisidan Entertainment’s only foray into the To fall universe that fans have been asking for a sequel. Anyone interested in grabbing this title can do so on PC starting November 1.

Bethesda and Prime Gaming celebrate the 25th anniversary of To fall, but Prime Gaming seems to have the best deals. While new content is always a plus, it comes in a game that hasn’t been received very well by To fall Fans. Meanwhile, Amazon is offering entire games to members. Luckily, the celebrations don’t end here given that Bethesda has plans for Fallout 4 content next year, and Amazon Prime Gaming might have a few more tricks up its sleeve in December.

Amazon First game subscribers can claim Fallout: New Vegas for PC on November 1.

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