Amazon Prime Video’s Mind The Malhotras 2 Review: Double The Madness, Double The Entertainment

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The Malhotra family is back with a brand new season. Amazon Prime Video (produced by Applause Entertainment) has released the second season of the fun and entertaining sitcom Mind the Malhotras. Produced by Applause Entertainment in association with Madiba Entertainment, the comedy-drama stars Mini Mathur, Cyrus Sahukar, Sushmita Mukherjee, Anandita Pagnis and Nikki Sharma, Jason D`souza, Rahul Verma and Denzil Smith. The series is directed by Sahil Sangha and written by Sahil Sangha and Karan Sharma, and is an Indian adaptation of the Israeli show “La Famiglia” distributed by Armoza formats.

About the series:

The first season gave viewers a glimpse into the midlife marital problems of Rishabh (Cyrus) and Shefali (Mini), who are also seen in season 2 with more drama, fun and entertainment quotient as they prioritize individual professional goals. As Shefali leads the race for followers as the online leader, Rishabh is all engrossed in his pursuit of becoming a millionaire. Due to marital and family tensions, the couple seeks therapy to find the right balance.

Season 2 kicks off with Rishabh having a dream, in which he is on stage celebrating a multi-million dollar merger with Japanese bigwigs. On stage, Rishabh expresses his gratitude to everyone in his life, without banning his helper, Zoru, but keeps his wife Shefali off the list, despite her hints of him from the audience. As the dream sequence shatters, we witness the real life of the Malhotras, where the couple struggle to stay afloat on the sea of ​​personal and professional duties. While Rishabh is tense about her fusion, Shefali is struggling to make a name for herself on her social media space, where she shares cooking recipes.

What we like:

Mind the Malhotras Season 2 is filled with fun twists and unexpected twists that will have viewers bursting into laughter. Cyrus Sahukar and Mini Mathur have an easy-going chemistry that makes their relationship believable. The two actors show humor and maintain interest in the Malhotras. Sameer Kochhar, as Shef’s ex-boyfriend, adds some intriguing twists to the narrative. Raising the bar set in Season 1 and taking the humor up a few notches, this family exceeds all levels of craziness in Season 2. It tells the story of a unique, real-life, urban Indian family with an all-star cast strong and passionate and a concept that most people can relate to.

Overall, we enjoyed watching Mind the Malhotras 2. From the dialogues to the direction to the performance, everything is in place. Light, airy and slightly refreshing, the series puts you in a good mood. We at IWMBuzz would rate it 3.5/5.

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