Amazon Prime’s Best Original Shows of 2022 So Far


It took a while before streaming services realized they could easily supplement their lineups with reality shows. The downside is that some services — Netflix, we’re looking your way — go a little overboard with its reality shows, churning out as much empty junk food as legitimately satisfying fare. Amazon has certainly had some misfires in this area, but has also been careful not to flood its market with them – let alone having one of the best streaming-exclusive reality shows in recent years.

Singer Lizzo is one of the greatest musicians of the moment, and attaching her name to a reality show will automatically give her cachet. As with everything Lizzo does, “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” is a unique take on reality-based competition shows that also brings its signature charm and sparkle to the proceedings. The premise is that 13 women are vying for a spot to be one of Lizzo’s dancers, but rather than making it a fierce competition, everyone supports each other and they’re just as happy to see their friends. progress as if they would. have advanced themselves.

In addition to universal acclaim, “Lizzo’s Watch out for the Big Grrrls” also won this year’s Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition, beating stiff competition from big names such as “The Amazing Race,” “The Voice” and “Top Chef”. .”


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