Amazon reviews of Mark François’ Brexit Book have arrived and they are … mixed


A Conservative deputy’s book on Brexit has met mixed reviews since its publication last week, with one reader joking that it “came with both a free pack of crayons and a headband.”

Brexiter Marc Francoismemory of Spartan victory details its role in Britain’s exit from the EU.

Francois, chairman of the Eurosceptic Conservatives European Research Group (ERG), said he self-published the briefs after claiming that the publishing industry remains biased.

So far the book has ten reviews on Amazon. There are four one-star and five-star reviews, and two four-star reviews.

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One of the reviewers who came up with the book called it “an absolute waste of time and money.” They joked that the book “came with a bundle of pencils and a blindfold … do whatever you like”.

To make fun of the mess made by Brexit from the trucking industry, one of the other one-star reviews that does not contain a “verified purchase” badge reads, “I received my cake.” I couldn’t eat it though. The lack of truck drivers made it out of date. Thanks, Brexit. These sunny highlands are really, really gray.

However, one of the five-star reviewers called the memoir “one of the most remarkable books I have ever read.”

Hilariously, the reader also added, “Francis is not a natural author. Almost every paragraph contains examples of Accidental partridge phenomenon – especially his memory of his legendary stare-off with Will Self and subsequent media appearances discussing the size of its appendix.

A four-star review urges potential readers to “ignore biased reviews,” adding that it is “good enough.” Although they said it could have benefited from a good editor, they said it was “worth reading” regardless of how you voted in the referendum.

The book sparked its fair share of jokes on Twitter, with one comparing the MP’s literary project to Peep Show Mark Corrigan’s character Business secrets of the pharaohs.

A parody of the book also received a lot of attention on social media. In the bogus “snippet”, “Francois” describes how turning off a microwave before it beeps makes it feel like it “has defused a nuclear warhead like James Bond.”

The fake passage also claims that Francis has a photo of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on his car’s sun visor, and describes the MP putting a Peperami behind his ear as he takes his seat in the House of Commons.

Some also pointed out that the news from the MP’s book was trending on Twitter along with the word “rectum.” The “rectum” was all the rage last week after a man’s announcement prompted a response from bomb squad after receiving an artillery shell stuck in its buttocks. The story has nothing to do with the deputy’s book (to our knowledge) …

Talk to The telegraphIn Chopper’s Politics podcast on the book, the MP for Rayleigh and Wickford said he wrote the book during the lockdown and revealed that it was’ the battle for Brexit – the battle for three years in parliament and in the media to honor the referendum result. “

Although he approached “a few dozen” publishers with his book, he said, “The problem was that the orthodoxy within the publishing industry remains.

The Tory MP added: “I received good compliments on the book and the writing, but it became pretty obvious after a while that no publisher wanted to publish it.”

Responding to a question about whether the bias of the rest is’ in your head ‘he said,’ No, there was definitely an element of that. I got everything used through an agent. He just said, look, this industry has a particular view of the world and it’s not quite the same view as you. That’s why I finally decided to get into self-publishing.

He said his colleague Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries had encouraged him to publish the book himself “if the story is worth telling”.

Would you like to unbox one on Christmas Day? We are not sure …

Indy100 has contacted Mark François for comment.


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