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Think you’ve already thoroughly cleaned your house this spring? We bet there’s a place you haven’t noticed – all the more, think it was even possible to completely spruce up: your trash can. It’s time to replace the old with an innovative new design. We’ve found a smart trash can that Amazon shoppers say “makes cleanup easier” in their homes. Currently a bestseller, the 13 Gallon iTouchless Automatic Trash Can
keeps your home as fresh and clean as it looks. Sure, a candle is nice once in a while, but it won’t completely stop an awful smell coming from your kitchen. The most important feature of this stainless steel trash can is that it eliminates odors with its installed filter. It truly offers a breath of fresh air. The home appliance also includes an automatic lid that opens as you approach without a single touch or step required.

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“The sensitivity of the motion sensor is spot on, not opening when you pass by but still responding pretty quickly when you open it intentionally,” said one reviewer. “The opening and closing time is perfect to keep odors away!”

13 Gallon iTouchless Automatic Trash Can

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13 Gallon iTouchless Automatic Trash Can



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The trash can is worth $89.99, but it’s a worthwhile purchase considering all those game-changing aspects that you can’t get in a typical case. Best of all, it has a large capacity and an extra-wide opening that accommodates bulky waste like pizza boxes. The battery life of this top-notch bin lasts up to 1.5 years, but note that the batteries are do not included. It really makes your most used product at home even easier to use. The best part? You no longer have to throw out the trash every day. One reviewer said: “I nnever thought a trash can could make me so happy.

Plus, it’s the real deal when it comes to an all-purpose product. This Contactless product can be placed in every room, and many reviewers say it works great as a diaper pail. An Amazon buyer vouched and said I bought this to use as a diaper pail, and it’s been a real blessing. Even filled to capacity, we only feel the nastiness for the brief moment the lid is open.

It’s time to replace the old one with a new improved trash can. Hitch your new favorite item for the home, the 13 gallon iTouchless automatic trash can.


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