Amazon will store your stock and ship it anywhere


Amazon is expanding its warehousing logistics business – it will soon offer to store a seller’s inventory in bulk and send it anywhere, from self-replenishing its own FBA fulfillment centers to shipping to stores physical details.

As we reported last fall, Amazon had begun testing a program specifically for storing goods “upstream” for automatic replenishment of its Prime-ready warehouses. In other words, instead of sending inventory directly to Amazon fulfillment centers (where there are strict limits on how much sellers can send), sellers could send it to Amazon. Distribution Centers for cheaper stocking rates in larger quantities.

The new program called AWD – Amazon Warehousing & Distribution – takes the concept much further:

“Sellers using AWD can also consolidate their global inventory, which they can then view and manage on Seller Central, simplifying their operations with an inventory pool. In 2023, sellers will be able to use AWD to send their inventory to any any place, including wholesale customers or physical stores.

When discussing the beta program in early August, a seller said that Amazon described one of the benefits of AWD for sellers using FBA as follows:

“If your product is out of stock at Prime-ready fulfillment centers, it will still be viewable and buyable as long as there is sufficient inventory at an Amazon warehousing and fulfillment location.”

Gopal Pillai, vice president of Amazon Distribution and Fulfillment Solutions, announced the new service in a Wednesday blog post and said Amazon would share more about AWD and “many other new offerings” on Amazon Accelerationits annual seller conference taking place September 14-15, which Amazon expects thousands of sellers to attend.

Pillai said AWD delivers on the promise of “supply chain as a service” and said it was specifically designed to solve inventory management challenges and deliver operational efficiency.

Amazon will announce pricing and fee information and other AWD details at the Accelerate conference.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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