Amazon’s Galaxy S22 Ultra Black Friday deal is the best


Listen, there’s always a chance someone’s trying to top their early Black Friday deals when we hit the real Black Friday in a few days, but I doubt it. The prices we see today, without a crazy limited-time flash sale, are what we’re getting this year. And as of now, Amazon has the best price on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Most places are selling the Galaxy S22 Ultra for $300 off, but Amazon has a few colors over $300 off. The Phantom Black version with 128GB is $862 ($338 off, buy here) and the Burgundy version with 128GB is $320 (buy here).

These are some of the biggest direct discounts we’ve seen on Samsung’s high-end phone. Normally $1,200, the idea of ​​getting into the revival of the Galaxy Note series for around $800 is pretty sweet. An S Pen, all those specs and wild camera setup for around the price of the Galaxy S22+ are the goods.

This is one of those great deals for someone who doesn’t have a good trade. You can get this offer without any trade-in hassle, although we recommend Samsung’s trade-in program. Samsung is only $225 off the S22 Ultra, but they’ll give you an extra instant discount (up to $600) if you trade in almost anything. You can check these trade-in values ​​in the Samsung store.

To quickly recap it, Amazon is giving the biggest Galaxy S22 Ultra discount of $338 on the black model. Best Buy has it $300 off. And Samsung’s own store is doing $225 off plus trade-ins. You have options.

Here’s also our Galaxy S22 Ultra review from earlier this year, in case you need a refresher.


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