Amazon’s Robot Vacuum Is Literally $500 Off RN – Seriously


This robot vacuum is $500 off RN, seriouslyTaia Leituala

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If you hate dusty floors as much as you hate sweeping and mopping, listen up. I have the most amazing offer you can’t miss. Today you can take a Robot vacuum cleaner for sale on Amazon for 77% off its original price, no kidding. That means you can buy a $700 vacuum for less than $200 right now. Yah, they literally dropped an offer over $500.

The MAMNV robot vacuum cleaner and the mop combo can remove dust, leftovers and other small debris from carpets and hardwood floors, such as ceramic tile or granite. Once everything is swept, the robot can then come in and mop your floor to make sure it’s spotlessly clean.

For more precise cleaning, you can also switch between two levels of cleaning intensity and adjust the type of floor to sweep or clean. Don’t worry about it falling off your stairs or anything. Its intelligent sensors help it avoid obstacles such as stairs, walls or furniture corners.

The vacuum’s battery life allows it to run for an hour and 40 minutes before needing to recharge again, but when it’s finished cleaning or runs out of juice, it automatically returns to its original charging station to refuel, so you can press the button to start it and leave your home or even just go to bed. The best part? This robot vacuum cleaner can perfectly fit into your smart home. The cleaner connects to an app that lets you set a cleaning schedule or connect the vacuum to Alexa or Google Assistant. Then you can start or stop it using voice commands.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, the vacuum also comes with a remote control that you can use to operate it. If all of this sounds like it’s going to make your life easier, you’re not mistaken. But, you have to buy this offer before everything is gone. It’s not every day you can save $500 on a $700 item.

Take it breathing machine on Amazon right now for just $161.

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