Are you missing the holidays? Light This Cedar Balsam Scented Yankee Candle


Make your home smell like a fresh winter forest for $15.49.

the Yankee Candle Co. Balsam & Cedar Jar Candle ($15.49) from Amazon.


Now that we’re officially a few days past DST, winter is starting to look like a distant memory like the Harlem Shake or Pokemon Go. Yankee Candle Co. 22 oz Cedar Balsam Scented Candle. for only $15.49.

Yankee Candle Large Balsam and Cedar Jar Candle


Say smell later in the summer and take a trip back in time through the olfactory organs when you light this dreamy Christmas candle. With top notes of citrus, herbs and juniper berries mixed with balsam, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and warm amber, it goes without saying (or smelling, I guess). ) that Yankee Candle knows how to encapsulate the holidays in their paraffin. candle wax.

With a burn time of up to 150 hours, you might be able to last until next Christmas if you burn this candle for about 45 seconds every day until December 25th. Hey, I’m not a math wizard.

Whether you miss the holidays or can’t imagine your home smelling of anything but a cool winter forest, this balsam and cedar scented candle is only $15.49 on Amazon.


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