Ariana Grande Showcases Her Stunning Impression of Jennifer Coolidge in Perfect “Best In Show” Halloween Costume


Ariana Grande didn’t just dress up for Halloween, she created a short film inspired by the 2000 comedy Best of Show with Jennifer Coolidge and Eugene Levy. She was helped by her friend and former Victorious co-starred Elizabeth Gillies, and claimed in her caption that they premiered the piece last May. They really wanted to be ready in October.

Grande has an incredible impression of Coolidge, and she and Gillies made a great pair performing some of the best scenes in the film from the impromptu, with Hillies replacing actress Jane Lynch. Grande perfectly recreated Coolidge’s tantrums from the movie, in which she plays a trophy wife with a secret dog-training girlfriend.

On the post, Coolidge commented, “That’s awesome. I was going to play the young boy’s pet weasel in ‘The Watcher’ but now I think I’m going to be @arianagrande’s dog, Toulouse .

Grande busts out her Coolidge impression whenever she can, and Coolidge herself has said it’s helped revitalize her career, bringing her to shows like HBO. white lotus and Netflix’s recent hit The Observer. She first revealed the print on a 2018 print on The show tonight.

“You should know that was kind of the start of a lot of cool things that happened for me,” the actress told Jimmy Fallon in January of this year. “I was going through a dead zone. Not much was happening. And then Ariana did this impersonation on your show and you cheered her on, and then this ball started.

She was told by a friend of DM Grande, but was hesitant to do so.

“I was like, ‘No! She’s got 260 million followers! They’re bots. Bots respond to DMs,'” she said. then the next thing you know, I was like going to her house to do a wardrobe fitting for ‘thank you, next.'”

Coolidge made an appearance in Grande’s music video for her hit song, appearing as her character from Revenge of a Blonde while Grande played Elle Woods. Years later, Coolidge is clearly still on Grande’s mind.

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