Chloe Season 1 review – a decent thriller with few answers



Although it does not end in a way that will please everyone, Chloe is a show that, from the first episode, you are dying to see how it will end. And while most six-part series you might not know what’s going on, it’s worth it.

This review of Amazon original series Chloe 1 contains no spoilers.

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The first thing to say about Chloe is that you shouldn’t watch her if you’re looking for a series that packs all of her details into a tidy little arc. With Chloe first shown in the UK on BBC One earlier in the year, the ending was considered a hit or a miss. Since not every question has an answer, some audience members will understandably feel cheated. However, if you come into the series knowing that not everything will be answered, there’s not as much room for disappointment.

While the series is called Chloethe main character is actually Becky Green (or Sasha Miles as she tells people) and Erin Doherty, who played Princess Anne in The crown, the cheek. Erin does a great job playing Becky, and she adds layers of depth and confusion to the role. In the early episodes, you might wonder what Becky’s intentions are. And that mystery is largely down to Erin’s performance and helps you invest in the plot.

As for the series itself, it begins with Becky continuously stalking Chloe on social media. But when Chloe, who seems to have a perfect life, dies, Becky can’t help but think about the tragedy. So, while dealing with her dementia-stricken mother, Becky begins to befriend Chloe’s loved ones. And to do this, she uses the name Sasha Miles.

Once Becky befriends the group, she enters a much more glamorous and expensive world. And despite this, she can barely afford the lifestyle Becky can’t stop. And as she grows closer to Chloe’s friends, she begins to dig deeper into the life Chloe lived before her death. But there’s a lot more to the story, and it’s easy to see why Becky is so obsessed with Chloe.

In the first half of Chloe, it is difficult to understand what is happening. But as long as it stays that way until episode four, Chloe is a great watch. Right off the bat, it has a dark, mysterious, and eerie tone that helps make the show what it is. Plus, with Becky faking her identity in the six-part thriller, it will help draw in audiences from Invent Anna, The Tinder scammerand my old favorite, ABC Revenge. But unlike those shows, Chloe is much darker in tone and feel.

All in all, if you know an unfinished ending won’t disappoint, then give the series a watch. But due to the catchy nature, it’s best to watch when you know you can binge on the series in its entirety.

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