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eBay has flirted with the idea of ​​offering a fulfillment service to sellers for more than a decade, but thanks to a partnership with a Chinese company called Orange Connex, its plans have taken hold. After launching in Germany in 2020 and the UK in 2021, “eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex” is coming to Australia, with plans for continued geographic expansion.

In an FAQ on the Australian service’s homepage, eBay answers the question: “Does eBay own Orange Connex?” with the following response:

“Orange Connex is a global logistics company based in China. eBay does not own Orange Connex, but it has a partnership with plans to roll out eBay Fulfillment globally.”

Here is the explanation of the new Australian Enforcement Service: “eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex is a new solution for the delivery of your items. Orange Connex fulfillment centers, based in Sydney, take care of the storage, packaging and delivery of your items at competitive prices.”
We couldn’t help but think back to the many attempts eBay has made over the years to explore a rival to Fulfillment by Amazon. One such program (eBay Managed Delivery) has been officially announced in 2019when eBay wrote:

“We anticipate that sellers with large inventory in popular categories such as electronics, home and garden, and fashion will benefit the most from our new service.

“With Managed Shipping, our in-country fulfillment partners will store, pack, and ship your items. You’ll be able to manage and track your inventory seamlessly through Seller Hub and third-party integrations.

“Managed delivery will be available to fulfill orders, whether placed on eBay or other online marketplaces.”

The eBay listing is still live, but the “eBay Managed Delivery” homepage URL ( redirects to an error page.

eBay isn’t the only platform working on an Amazon FBA alternative for sellers – here’s what we wrote Walmart Achievement when it was launched 2 years ago.

How receptive would sellers be to an eBay fulfillment service today? If you’ve used Fulfillment Services, what would you say to your colleagues? Tell us what you think and why.


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