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Binance Temporarily Suspends Tron Deposits and Withdrawals

According to his recent blog post, Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, will perform Tron Wallet maintenance starting June 23. The maintenance procedure will last for one hour, during which all deposits and withdrawals will be suspended. However, Tron trading operations will not be affected during wallet maintenance and will continue. Binance does not plan to make any further announcements regarding the start or end of the technical process. A week ago, Binance suddenly suspended Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, claiming the problem was caused by a blocked on-chain transaction.

More than 70 million SHIBs burned through Amazon this Sunday

Travis Johnson, a game developer and owner of the online store where he sells his own mobile phone games and SHIB-branded products, tweeted that during his regular Sunday burn he destroyed more than 70 million coins. Almost a month ago, the store was chosen for an Amazon affiliate program that also allowed you to buy SHIB, use the commissions, and then add those tokens to the general burnpot. Shiba Inus are purchased using part of the profits from advertisements in smartphone games and the sale of the goods and goods mentioned above.

Cardano founder: Cardano needs an army to change the world

No cryptocurrency or crypto-related project is immune to criticism, and neither is. gimbal, often compared to a ghost channel. In response to such an invective tweet, Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson came to the defense of his brainchild, saying he and the ADA community need to spread the message that Cardano is not a shadow chain and that smart contracts are there. In another post, Hoskinson wrote that Cardano needed an army to change the world, but he couldn’t do it just by speaking through the blameless and the pure.


Currently, according to data from CoinMarketCap, Cardano ranks seventh among cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Its native asset, ADA, is changing hands at $0.5, up 3.4% in the last 24 hours.

$220,000 for Bitcoin still in play this year: Max Keizer

Max Keizer, a well-known Bitcoin maximalist, predicted that during this year Bitcoin will reach the $220,000 level, suggesting a solid reason for this to happen. This reason is the firmly limited bitcoin supply programmed by Satoshi Nakamoto. In addition, every four years a so-called halving occurs. With over 18 million Bitcoins already mined, producing the remaining three million will take many years. The previous BTC halving took place in early May 2020, so the next one is expected in 2024. Keizer shared a similar prediction earlier this year, stating that BTC’s strong price growth will be preceded by Bitcoin’s massive hashrate growth.


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