Customer buys Samsung Galaxy S20 + on Amazon at full price, Flipkart threatens to brick it for EMI default

Customer now has to fight with Flipkart after purchasing device from Amazon India

Update: Flipkart has contacted the customer to ask for the device’s IMEI and other details.

A customer in India faces a troubling situation after receiving a Samsung Galaxy S20 + as a gift from a family member. The device was purchased from Amazon India in October 2020. However, a few days ago, customer Jaya Bhattacharji started receiving pop-up notifications on her phone stating that it had been purchased using the plan. smart upgrade from Flipkart and that payment was pending from it. to finish. The Flipkart notification also stated that the phone would be locked on November 21, 2021, if the payment of Rs 15,000 was not made.

When Bhattacharji asked Flipkart for help on this, the ecommerce company denied, as the phone was not purchased on its platform. Instead, Flipkart directed her to Amazon India.

When Bhattacharji contacted Amazon India, the company informed her that it was a scam and assured her that the device would not be locked.

MySmartPrice contacted the Bhattacharji, who shared a copy of the invoice and a screenshot of the Amazon order. She further said that she needed reassurance that the pop-up messages would stop and her phone would not be locked. “If payment is to be made, the seller should be responsible. Not me, the customer, who had no idea of ​​this schematic or that this phone was preconfigured. One fine day, the messages started appearing on my home screen. I couldn’t delete them or do anything. I chose to ignore, but a few days ago I got a message saying my phone would be locked on November 21st if I didn’t pay the Rs 15,000. I was so surprised. This phone is a gift from my family. So I asked if a diet had been used. They said no“Bhattacharji tells us.

From the order details, as the screenshot below clearly shows, we see that a Samsung Galaxy S20 + with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage in Cosmic Black has been ordered from Amazon. India, for Rs 57,499 on October 29, 2020.

The phone was ordered from Amazon India
The phone was ordered from Amazon India

New York Square, the seller seen on the order page on Amazon also doesn’t look shady, as the seller has received 84% positive feedback in the past year. However, the seller only appears to be selling a few Samsung phones and a Galaxy Watch or two, alongside GoPro Hero 9 and a renewed Fitbit Inspire 2 Health and Fitness Tracker. However, the reviews do not appear to be genuine because once you have checked all the reviews, especially the ones with less than 3 stars, you will find that the reviews are structured with a message from Amazon saying “This article was completed by Amazon , and we take responsibility for that execution experience. ‘ So basically this seller may have been involved in such mishaps for quite some time and since the items listed by the seller were filled in by Amazon, the e-commerce giant had to take responsibility for making sure they pull. consumers in trouble.

Seller Comments New York Plaza on Amazon India
Seller Comments New York Plaza on Amazon India

Using the GST and PAN numbers on the Amazon invoice, we were able to locate Divine India which is a Mumbai-based wholesale and warehousing company. The company is not verified by e-KYC or Aadhaar. MySmartPrice managed to get in touch with the owner about the issue but he claimed he was on vacation and would send us his office phone number. However, we have yet to hear from him.

Seller's contact details Divine India

Seller details Divine India, from what we can understand seller New York Plaza used Flipkart smart upgrade program to buy Flipkart Galaxy S20 + on EMI and then sold same device on Amazon India. However, the seller appeared to have missed a payment, as a result of which the customer started receiving notifications from Flipkart on her device.

MySmartPrice has contacted Amazon India for a statement on this, but we have yet to hear back. We will update this copy once we hear from the company.

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