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It is logical that To download, a show about a digital afterlife, is said to feature deep quotes about mortality and living to the fullest. But some of the best quotes from the Amazon Prime original are also quite funny, while others are disturbing, and some even touching.

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From Nathan to Nora, Ingrid, and Aleesha, and even supporting characters like David Choak and Matteo, everyone is responsible for some of the show’s best lines. With two seasons under its belt, there has been no confirmation of a third season renewal yet. But considering how the show has been reviewed by critics and viewers, chances are there are many more download quotes to come.

ten life is magic

“Life is the most magical gift there is, and if there is God, he is amazing because he gave us the life, the gratitude and the creativity to carry on for as long as possible.” —Nora

Robbie Amell and Andy Allo in Upload

As Nora spends her days tending to the uploaded consciousnesses of deceased people in the real world, she has come to appreciate the value of life. Dealing with her sick father who probably has little time left, and the struggle of not being able to afford to upload him to a lavish place like Lakeview also teaches her to make the most of what she has. One of the things fans love To download is Nora’s connection to her father.

So, it makes sense that she would say that line, and it came at a time when Nathan needed comfort after losing his life.

9 LA Douche bag

“You know, for an LA asshole, you’re the best LA asshole I’ve ever met.” —Nora


While Nora was quick to judge Nathan at first as a self-absorbed Los Angeles musclehead with a wealthy girlfriend and a massive ego, she quickly learned there was a lot more to him. He was kind and sincere, generous and caring, and fiercely intelligent. He loved his niece and his mother and had a hard time breaking up with Ingrid even though he didn’t want to be with her anymore.

Nora expresses her warming up to him in the best possible way by noting her first impression of him and how it turned out to be wrong.


8 Of course it was an accident

“Yeah, you just threatened a $600 billion a year industry and nobody murdered you.” -David

David Choak Upload season 1

Ironically, it was David Choak who spoke those words to Nathan in the first season before fans learned that Choak was responsible, at least in part, for Nathan’s murder. It was as if he was trying to get Nathan to understand the truth without fully revealing it.

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Choak, after all, had nothing to lose. He was already dead and, as a billionaire, had the power and the means to ensure that his stay in Lakeview was never interrupted. Yet in this quote, he told Nathan exactly why he was killed before Nathan even accepted it was the truth.

7 Life (and death) is short

“Even if we last a thousand years here, it’s going to feel short when it’s over and we don’t have time with the people we care about.” —Nathan

Robbie Amell and Andy Allo in Upload

Nathan knows full well how short life is after seeing its end, but he also appreciates that even his time at Lakeview is limited. No matter if he were to spend thousands of years there, the time would still seem to him to be insufficient.

After all, one of the things that keeps fans from uploading to Lakeview is the thought that uploads would likely outlast their living relatives, having to watch them pass and age while remaining the same. Unless an entire family downloaded, the experience and the money to pay for the experience would eventually run out.

6 We can be together forever!

“I am here now. Now and forever. I downloaded for you.” —Ingrid

Ingrid from Upload with a big smile on her face.

The first season ended in the best possible way when Ingrid arrived in Lakeview to inform Nathan that she had downloaded for him so they could be together for eternity. The look on Nathan’s face was priceless as he had already fallen in love with Nora and was about to get rid of Ingrid for good.

Of course, fans who watched Season 2 know that Ingrid didn’t download but spent excessive time in her bathtub in costume, trying to pretend she was a resident and not a visitor.

5 What do they see in him?

“I don’t know what’s in that human bowl of oatmeal that everyone is falling in love with.” —Aleesha

Only Aleesha could come up with such a clever and confusing line. After realizing that Tinsley had developed a small crush on Nathan after working as his angel for a short time, she expressed that sentiment. She saw Tinsley and Nora fall in love with the young, new upload, but couldn’t figure out what was so great about him, especially as a dead man.

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But her description is what makes the line so funny: she compares it to oatmeal, probably because it’s generally considered a bland meal with little substance.

4 Walk on water

“You know you can walk on water whenever you want, right?” All I have to do is push a button. —Nora

Download Robbie Amell Nathan Brown

One of the funniest scenes of the first season, and the first time fans got a glimpse of the playful and flirtatious nature of Nathan and Nora’s relationship, was when she revealed to him while he was discovered Lakeview that he could walk on water.

As soon as he tried to do so, she dropped him deep in the water. It was a cute moment that helped Nathan adjust to his new life and made Nora love him even more. It also made fans love Nora and Nathan’s romance on To download.

3 Postal mail

“It’s an envelope. That’s how your ancestors got spammed.” —Mateo

Matteo de Upload holding a basket of vegetables with Nora looking through it.

Hilariously, Matteo gives a speech to a new group of Lud recruits and tells them how they can live off the land and communicate with family and friends without the need for technology. He pulls out a white paper and says this line, both facetiously and with a bit of truth behind it. After all, some of the newer generations may never have sent someone a letter.

He finds the most hilarious way to show them, mockingly or not, that it’s possible to be unconnected 24/7 via electronic devices.

2 dear departed

“A month ago I hadn’t even planned to attend my own funeral, but I really never imagined it would be this bad.” —Nathan

Nathan from Upload kisses Ingrid through a glass wall while wearing a green suit jacket and matching shorts.

Many people have tried to imagine what it might be like to be a fly on the wall at their own funeral. Nathan actually got the chance, showing up as a download with a cropped green suit.

Of course, nothing went as he had hoped, and no one seemed particularly upset by his death outside of his immediate family. Plus one of the things that don’t make sense To download is how Ingrid treated him at the event, especially once fans learned she had nothing to do with his death. Nathan’s disdain for the event is perfectly summed up in this quote.

1 Delete the rich

“Revolution has come to Horizon. Take out the rich.” -Computer program

download season 2

This quote was repeated over and over again through a hacking program that Matteo convinced Nora to introduce into Lakeview. He brought down all the systems, shouting this message throughout the community in protest that a place like Lakeview even exists.

The Luds were not only against technology in general, they also believed that places like Lakeview perpetuated the economic divide, providing a safe and lavish place for the conscience of the wealthy to go after death while the poor had no the same option.

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