Draymond Green on Amazon Glow, why her fiancé is his family’s MVP


Michael Simon, courtesy of Amazon.

You may know Draymond Green as an NBA champion, fierce defender on the court, and vocal leader of the Golden State Warriors, but off the court he’s a dedicated father and partner, doing whatever he needs. can to keep in touch with his family. Something that has helped the father of three do just that and temper any dad guilt that might set in is a more recent innovation from Amazon called Glow ($299).

“Every season there were times when I left and thought I should stay,” the three-time NBA champion told ESSENCE. “But over time, it doesn’t feel that way anymore. I think a lot of it is down to Amazon Glow and being able to spend quality time with my kids often, wherever I am.

The Amazon Glow is a projector and video call device that lets your faraway loved ones do everything from read books, play games, create art projects, and live life. digital adventures together. It’s not only a great option for grandparents, but also for busy parents on the go like Green. After being introduced to a select few in 2021, Amazon Glow is now available for everyone to buy. The gadget is a favorite of the NBA superstar, who says it has helped close the distances between him and his children and allowed him to continue to have a significant impact on the upbringing of his offspring.

Michael Simon, courtesy of Amazon.

“With Amazon Glow, I magically feel like I’m sitting side by side and I can actively participate with my children in their daily lives, whether it’s reading with them, helping them with exercises, cognitive learning with games like memory match, or just being silly playing charades.

Although he is grateful for the Glow, Green is very grateful to his fiancée, Hazel Renee, for the peace of mind he can have when he is away for games on the road.

“She is 100% the backbone of our family and keeps us all in order and the kids on track,” he says. “She’s the one who also helps foster our relationship when I’m on the road. I’m so grateful to her and now have the opportunity to give her a little break from interacting with kids via Glow, wherever I am in the world.

Draymond Green carries his son Dramond Green Jr. (left) and daughter-in-law Olive Pullen as he leaves the stadium with his girlfriend Hazel Renee (right) after the Warriors’ victory in Game 5 of the semi-finals of the Western Conference between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif. on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. The Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets 104-99. (Photo by Gabrielle Lurie/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

With a happy family life, Green is fully capable of focusing on his dominance on the pitch. And he sees himself and the Warriors dominating the playoffs, until the very end of the NBA Finals.

“I’m about as confident as the sky is blue that our team will win a title this year,” he said. “If we can get healthy again and our attack and defense are connected on both sides, we give ourselves a chance to win the championship.”

The sky’s the limit for Green, and there are no limits to his connection with his family now either — thanks to Amazon Glow.

The Amazon Glow is available now. It comes with one year of Amazon Kids+, a content subscription designed just for kids that provides access to thousands of books, movies, shows, educational apps, and games the family can enjoy on Fire, Fire TV, Android , iOS and Kindle compatible. devices.

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