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Weddings already suck and tasteful weddings are becoming increasingly rare. If the ceremony isn’t in a Victorian splurge that costs more to book than a normal person’s annual salary, you might just have a different kind of statement.

Would you be happy to attend an Amazon-themed wedding? Not one with howler monkeys trashing couches or poison frogs in champagne glasses, but the other Amazon – Jeff Bezos’ world-conquering e-commerce platform.

It’s hard to imagine that all of Eddie Levine and Jing Gao’s knee-deep guests would be “happy” with it, given the amount of pleasure barriers the couple threw in their way, but the couple thought it was was a good idea.

Why? According to CNBCthe two met at an e-commerce conference in Atlanta in 2016 and a few years later shared their first kiss at an equally romantic Amazon Seller Summit in 2018. Gao moved into the house from Levine to Chicago in 2020.

If you hadn’t already guessed, the star-crossed lovers both sell products through the ubiquitous website – Levine as president of Hub Dub, which “helps brands manage their online businesses and provides logistics “, while Gao sells interior decoration kits.

“So it only made sense that when it came time to get married, they would look to e-commerce for inspiration,” CNBC said.

Walking into their Chicago wedding, guests would have been forgiven for thinking they had mistakenly walked into an Amazon conference by the sound of things. “Amazon paraphernalia” was supposed to be draped all over, and attendees weren’t given a simple table number, but an “ASIN” (Amazon Standard Identification Number), a 10-digit code used to search for products on Amazon.

“The wedding favors were tiny Amazon packages, complete with barcodes and filled with goodies, placed in miniature shopping carts,” CNBC said. “Attendees posed for photos in front of a backdrop declaring ‘Jeddie (a combination of the couples’ first names) Prime Day,’ a tribute to Amazon’s annual summer shopping bonanza.”

Luckily, when Levine asked attendees the couple knew about e-commerce to come forward during the toast, “literally half of our guests stood up,” he told the news agency.

Meanwhile, bar and restaurant staff would be puzzled.

Levine said he came up with the idea, explaining, “We went through all these ideas, and they were so boring that I wanted something that showcased our journey and paid homage to where we came from.”

They even went so far as to suggest turning their wedding “into a full-fledged Amazon conference, with a software company jokingly offering to sponsor the event.”

What’s wrong with a modest meeting at the check-in desk, everyone then heading to the pub?

Love is strange and people are strangers, but many couples like to keep it a little quirky, like this couple who threw a pokemon themed wedding. ®


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