eBay Allows Brand Bullying, Says Chopstick Seller

Fri Aug 26, 2022 8:44:37 AM

By: reader

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Dear Ina,

We are a 20 year old eBay seller. Incredibly, FENDI’s legal representatives are attacking (via VERO) eBay sellers for using the word “Baguette” in their listings. Apparently (they claim), Fendi owns the word “Baguette”.

We have about (redacted number) “Baguettes” listed on eBay, all correctly purchased under Lacoste license, with the word “Baguette” printed on the label.

Nevertheless, eBay warned us to remove the offensive word.

That said, oddly enough, Lacoste still uses the word freely on its website. Nobody intimidates them, like DKNY and so on.

All major UK retail websites (John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Fraser etc. also use the word Baguette freely against any brand that has marketed their product as “Baguette” and the big Amazon quite freely authorizes the term “Baguette” to be used against any brand that considers their product to be a “Baguette”.

But not eBay, they are hesitant to brush off this stupidity, so sellers end up with an uneven playing field.

Crikey, what if McDonalds claimed the word “Hamburger” was theirs and theirs alone? We live in a strange world where the strong like to pressure the little ones who are trying to earn some honest money.


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