EBay Buyer Leave Negative Message After Seller Declines Partial Refund


Dear Ina,

I have been selling on eBay for 22 years and recently came across a situation that you might find interesting enough to share with your readers.

We sell a wide range of fully assembled diecast models which include aircraft display models. These models are 98% assembled and the buyer only has to attach some parts to it to make it complete like missiles, landing gear. etc. One of those items that we recently sold is eBay Item Number (redacted). Till today we have had 100% positive feedback, which has dropped to 99.6% because of a foolish buyer who just doesn’t get it no matter how many times I have tried to explain to him that he was wrong. In any event, neither can eBay.

The customer contacted us on Friday evening claiming that a second set of canopies, the plexiglass cover that covers the cockpit, was not included with the item. We indicated that we would check with our supplier on Monday morning if the item was supposed to contain a second set. We never heard of such a situation where the model was supposed to contain a second set of awnings, but maybe the customer knew something we had no knowledge of, so we just wanted to get out of it. to assure.

He then sent us a follow-up message on eBay stating that he was ok with the item on the condition that we give him a $ 10 to $ 15 refund for his issues because as he claimed it was incomplete . It is essentially extortion. He was looking for a discount by claiming that the item was supposed to contain something that he knew was not included with the model.

We again indicated that we would have to wait until Monday morning to obtain clarifications from our distributor regarding the “omitted” part. He then sends us another message indicating that he needs an immediate resolution because he is “heading out of the country”. A little suspicious, yes. Finally, late yesterday he says he wants to return the item for a full refund. Notice this item was shipped to him for free and now he wanted us to pay the invoice for the return shipping as well.

Long story short, we heard from our distributor this morning who indicated that the item did not come with a second set of awnings. The pictures included in the listing show the awnings in the open and closed position so I’m not sure how the buyer came to the conclusion that a second set was supposed to be supplied. By analogy, if I sold a car on eBay Motors and showed the car with the doors closed and then another image showing it with the doors open, does that mean I’m supposed to include a second set of doors with the automobile? Of course not.

Needless to say, we told the buyer that we could not provide him with a second set of canopies and that if he wanted to return the model it would be at his expense. Within five minutes he left us negative feedback again, claiming that a second set of awnings was supposed to be included and therefore the model was incomplete and not as advertised.

But here is the part that really angers me. I spoke to eBay today on four occasions and even included a copy of the email we received from our supplier stating that the model did not come with a second set of awnings.

What was eBay’s response? They have refused to remove the negative comments and are choosing to do so during the height of the holiday season. So, for now, I have to live with the unwarranted negative feedback at least until I receive the returned item, at which point eBay will “reconsider” my request to remove those comments. Remember when I spoke to the first CSR they indicated that comments would be removed within 24-48 hours. Others agreed with my position, but they still refuse to do anything.

I don’t expect this letter to the editor to change eBay’s stance. What I hope to achieve is alert sellers that eBay will look for an excuse to appease their buyers and keep them on their platform when they lose daily sales to Amazon. I don’t understand why they couldn’t remove these comments when an unscrupulous buyer was looking for an afterthought discount to hurt our business.




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