eBay suspends shipping services to Ukraine and Russia


Earlier today, we posted a compilation of service alerts issued by USPS, FedEx, UPS, and select international postal carriers.

Since then, eBay has released its own update on shipping to Ukraine and Russia, which includes:

  • eBay has suspended its Global Shipping Program service in Ukraine and Russia.
  • eBay has suspended eBay’s international standard delivery service to Ukraine.
  • eBay has extended delivery times for eBay’s International Standard Shipping Service to Russia for purchases made on or after February 21.

eBay has warned that shipments to either country may not reach buyers and may be returned to sender. Shippers should check tracking information regularly for details about their shipments.

eBay offers seller protections

Additionally, eBay said if your business is affected, eBay will automatically protect your seller’s performance, including:

  • Your late shipping rate
  • Your Valid Tracking Download Rate
  • Case “Item not received” due to late delivery
  • Defaults resulting from transactions you have canceled
  • Negative or neutral feedback from these transactions

The company said these seller protections will be apply retroactively to all shipments to Ukraine and Russia from February 21.

At the time of publishing this information, we have only seen eBay’s update on the US site. We assume that seller protections will be extended to all eBay sellers worldwide and that eBay will also honor the extension of delivery times in Russia.

eBay did not address service restrictions to Moldova and Belarus

eBay only addressed Ukraine and Russia in its announcement. However, commercial and cargo airlines have been warned by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to avoid Russian and Belarusian airspace within 100 nautical miles of the ‘Ukraine.

In addition, Moldova has closed its airspace to commercial air traffic.

With flight restrictions or suspensions also affecting Belarus and Moldova, shipping to either of these countries should also be considered problematic. eBay did not include them in its listing.

We’ll update this post as eBay provides further updates, including on their international marketplace sites. This post was last updated on February 25, 2022.

Please see our Service Alerts on Shipping to Ukraine, Russia and Neighboring Countries page for details on the impact of shipping to the region.

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