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RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Telsa and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Friday to discuss connectivity and other projects in the Amazon rainforest.

The meeting, held at a luxury resort in Sao Paulo state, was hosted by Communications Minister Fábio Faria, who said he was looking for partnerships with the world’s richest man. to bring or improve the Internet to schools and health facilities in rural areas using technology developed by SpaceX and Starlink, and also to preserve the rainforest.

“Super excited to be in Brazil for the launch of Starlink for 19,000 unconnected schools in rural areas and Amazon’s environmental monitoring,” Musk tweeted Friday morning.

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has increased under Bolsonaro, reaching its highest annual rate in more than a decade, according to official data from the national space agency. Bolsonaro’s critics say he is largely to blame, having emboldened loggers and land grabbers with his fervent support for the region’s development.

Bolsonaro and Musk appeared in a video streamed live on the president’s Facebook account, standing together on a stage and answering questions from a group of students.

“A lot can be done to improve the quality of life through technology,” Musk told the crowd.

Although none of the students asked about Musk’s potential purchase of Twitter, Bolsonaro said it represented a “breath of hope”.

“Freedom is the cement of the future,” he said.

Musk has offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion, but said this week the deal couldn’t go ahead until the company provided information on the number of accounts on the platform. which are spam or bots.

Like Musk, Bolsonaro has sought to position himself as a champion of free speech and has opposed the devaluation of individuals, including his ally, former US President Donald Trump.

The meeting with Bolsonaro comes just five months before the far-right leader is due to seek a second term in a much-anticipated election.

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