Eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera Review


Battery-powered outdoor security cameras are great for monitoring activity on and around your property, but they typically require a Wi-Fi connection to send alerts and stream real-time video to your phone. With the Eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera ($249.99), you can keep tabs on your property without a power outlet or Wi-Fi. This rugged camera uses cellular radio to keep you connected where Wi-Fi can’t. is not available or practical, and offers 2K video recordings, voice commands, color night vision, a built-in spotlight and a siren. It’s a bit pricey and requires a monthly cellular data plan, unlike the Editors’ Choice award-winning Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera ($199.99), but the Starlight Camera is a solid option if you need to keep a eye on a cabin, trail, or other remote location where power and Wi-Fi are not available.

A robust and reliable reporter

The 4G LTE Starlight camera looks almost identical to the original EufyCam but, at 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.5 inches (HWD), it’s a bit larger than its predecessor (2.2 x 2, 2 x 4.2 inches). The white and gray housing has an IP67 weatherproof rating that protects the camera from dust, rain, and temperature extremes. Along with the camera, the box contains a mounting bracket, mounting screws, charging cable, weatherproof solar panel cable, and setup guide. The optional solar panel is not included.

Eufy 4G LTE Starlight camera installed on a tree

(Photo: John Delaney)

The camera lens, an LED indicator, a spotlight, a microphone, and a motion sensor are inside the front case. A built-in GPS radio allows you to locate the device if someone steals it. A speaker at the bottom of the camera enables two-way audio, and a sync button sits on top. Behind the rubber cover on the back you will find the charging port and a SIM card slot. The back of the camera also houses a screw hole for a mounting bracket.

Eufy says the camera’s internal battery should last up to three months between charges, depending on usage. If you need uninterrupted power, Eufy sells a set with a solar panel ($289.99).

The 4G LTE Starlight camera makes not have a Wi-Fi radio. Instead, it uses a 4G LTE cellular radio to connect to the mobile app, as well as Alexa and Google Assistant devices. This means that you must provide an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card and subscribe to a data plan to use this camera. According to Eufy, the device uses about 128MB of cellular data to stream five minutes of live 2K video, so you can use that to calculate what kind of data plan you need.

The Eufy 4G LTE Starlight camera does not work with Apple’s HomeKit platform.

The security device records 2K or 1080p high resolution videos and saves these clips locally via 8GB of built-in space. That’s good for about 24 minutes of recorded 2K video. The camera does not connect or store data in the cloud. You can set it to record video when it detects motion or record human motion only. Additionally, the camera can use its floodlight at night for color night vision; otherwise, it uses an infrared LED for black and white night vision.

As mentioned, you can integrate the camera with Alexa and Google Assistant devices, but it doesn’t work with Apple’s HomeKit platform. If you need more connectivity options, consider Arlo Pro 4, which supports Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and IFTTT.

App options

The Starlight uses the same Eufy Security app (available for Android and iOS) as other Eufy security devices, including the Eufy Floodlight camera. It appears in a dedicated panel on the app’s home screen along with a still image of the last captured video. Tap the play arrow to start a live stream of the camera feed.

Eufy app screens showing Dashboard, Live Stream and Activity Log

Below the video panel are buttons to activate the projector, take a snapshot, manually record video, mute the speakerphone, and initiate a two-way conversation. You can also expand the selection to access buttons that allow you to display an Events screen with thumbnails of recorded video; activate color or black and white night vision; activate the siren; and go to the Settings screen.

Here you can also enable the anti-theft detection option (it triggers the siren if someone tries to move or tamper with the camera); select an autonomy mode (optimal battery, optimal monitoring or personalized); toggle motion detection; configure motion and notification settings; adjust video and audio settings; and share access to the camera with other users.

The Starlight is quick to install

Installing the Starlight camera is simple. We downloaded the Eufy mobile app, created an account, and tapped Add Device on the Devices screen. Then we selected the 4G Starlight camera and followed the instructions to install the SIM card and scan the QR code on the base of the camera. Then we pressed Connect directly and pressed the Sync button for two seconds until we heard a beep. We waited a few seconds for the camera to connect to the cellular network, pressed Next, and gave the device a name. Finally, we selected the camera’s operating mode, updated the firmware, and charged the battery for eight hours before installing it on a backyard patio with the included mounting bracket.

Sample Photo of Eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera

(Photo: John Delaney)

The camera delivered high-quality video in our tests. Daytime video showed good color saturation and plenty of detail, while black-and-white night vision recordings were also crisp, with ample contrast. Color night vision recordings are brighter and more colorful than what we usually see from outdoor security cameras, but that’s because this camera uses the spotlight as a light source instead of relying on ambient light. .

Motion alerts came quickly, with very few false alerts, and the human detection feature worked accurately. The camera also had no trouble responding to an Alexa voice command to display live video on an Amazon Echo Show. Two-way audio came out loud and clear.

A standalone outdoor camera

The Eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera is ideal for monitoring remote areas that lack power and Wi-Fi resources. This battery-powered device can operate nearly continuously (if you pair it with an optional solar panel) and it uses a cellular radio to connect to all your devices. It delivered crisp 2K video and accurate motion alerts in testing, plus it was easy to set up.

Its $249.99 price tag and monthly cellphone charges might be off-putting, but if you need to keep an eye on a vacation home in the background, a hunting trail, or even your backyard, it can be a interesting option. For more conventional setups, consider the aforementioned Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera or the affordable, publisher-award-winning Wyze Cam V3 ($35.98).

Eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera


  • Easy to install

  • Record crisp 2K video

  • No Wi-Fi connection required

  • Built-in GPS

  • Supports color night vision imaging

  • Stores recordings locally

  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant

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The inconvenients

  • Dear

  • Requires cellular data plan

  • Doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit

  • Limited integration options

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The essential

The feature-rich, outdoor-ready Eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera works wirelessly via cellular connectivity, but it’s pricey before you even factor in the required data plan.

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