Every Stephen King Movie on Amazon Prime, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes


Many Stephen King movies are available anytime on Amazon, but if fans want them for free, Prime is the way to go. King is the master of thrills and chills, having written over 80 books across horror, science fiction and mystery genres. Some of his works have also been made into TV series or movies, and many of them can be watched with an Amazon Prime membership.

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However, they can’t all be winners, and even King has said he really dislikes some film adaptations of his work. Both the good and the bad can be watched for free with Prime, so fans will have to decide for themselves whether each is a hit or a miss.

seven Thinner could be the king’s worst adaptation (14%)

Thinner was released in 1996 and stars Robert John Burke and Criminal minds’ Joe Mantegna. Many critics agree that this is one of the worst, if not the worst, adaptations of Stephen King. It was directed by underrated director Tom Holland (Child’s play), but it is certainly not one of his finest works.

Billy Halleck is a lawyer who accidentally hits a woman with his car. Halleck, who is obese, is a powerful lawyer, so he is able to cover up the incident. The victim’s father casts a spell on Halleck that causes him to rapidly lose weight. After six weeks, he is terrified and goes in search of the man who cursed him. If he finds a flayer, he’ll just be a skeleton. The acting is excellent, but it feels like there hasn’t been much effort to keep King’s idea alive.

6 Creepshow 2 has less content than the rest of the series (29%)

The audience score is higher than the critics’ score, but some professional critics are in favor of scary show 2. It is an anthology containing three stories and was written and produced with the help of King himself and George A. Romero. It includes “The Hitchhiker”, “Old Chief Wood’n Head”, and “The Raft”.

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The first story sees a woman haunted by the ghost of a dead hitchhiker. “Old Chief Wood’n Head” features some very outdated and offensive imagery, while the ending story follows four children as they struggle with a blob of oil in the middle of a lake. The latter is definitely the strongest of the three, the hitchhiker idea has been used before, and the wooden statue is cool to look at, but it’s turned out badly.

5 A good marriage has its heart in the right place (32%)

This title is one of King’s least known adaptations; it’s based on a short story Full black, no stars. The short story includes four short stories, all with the common theme of retribution. As the title suggests, A good marriage is about domestic struggles, but it’s portrayed in a dark and comical way. This underlying theme is obvious, but it lacks specificity or uniqueness. Critics argue that it came across more clearly on paper.

A woman’s husband goes on a business trip and she stays home alone while a serial killer is on the loose. Not only that, but a stranger threatened his family. She begins to uncover sinister secrets about the man she married that puts more than just their marriage in jeopardy.

4 Children Of The Corn is a fun and fast watch (36%)

Corn Children was released in 1984 and stars terminatoris Linda Hamilton. It’s definitely a fun watch, though. The cast of children does a great job. It is one of the first stories published by King and will be included as a short story in his later collection. Night round.

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Burt and Vicky are on a road trip across the United States when they come across the corpse of a little boy and decide to search a nearby town for help or call the police. The town they discover seems to be inhabited only by children, and they are not happy to see adult strangers. Critics say the book is fantastic and the idea is solid, but the movie feels like a rough draft.

3 Carrie (2013) is the second remake of the film (50%)

Carrie is the first novel Stephen King ever wrote, and it still stands. It’s a very popular story, so popular that this movie is the second remake. Critics found the last Carrie the film was simply unnecessary because it added nothing that audiences hadn’t seen before. The effects have intensified a bit since its release in the 21st century, but that doesn’t make it any more engaging.

Directed by Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, this iteration shows Carrie as an awkward teenager who is trapped under the wing of her overzealous religious mother. Carrie discovers that she has supernatural powers which she uses to make things happen with her mind, and she uses them to her advantage at the school dance.

2 Misery is an acting master class (90%)

​​Misery is a must. It stars James Caan and Kathy Bates, who won an Oscar for her role as Annie Wilkes. Misery is the epitome of suspense; it really doesn’t get any better than that. The characters begin to change, and it takes a turn that makes the audience uncomfortable, but it’s impossible to look away.

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Paul Sheldon is a writer who is taken in by Wilkes after a traumatic car accident due to a blizzard. She is a huge fan of his and is delighted to look after him. Then she discovers that he plans to kill her favorite character, and she becomes violent, keeping him prisoner in her secluded cabin.

1 The original Carrie is iconic (93%)

It’s the fucking prom everyone knows and loves. Most successful of three adaptations of King’s first novel, 1976 carrie, is a fan favorite and the best King adaptation ever. The film was nominated for multiple Oscars and is one of the most unsettling and gory films audiences will ever see. Even though she causes such massive destruction, the public can’t help but side with Carrie.

As in the novel, Carrie is an outcast in her high school, tormented relentlessly by the popular mob at school and her bigoted mother at home. What they don’t know is that she has telekinetic powers that she plans to use for revenge. A gruesome prank pushes her over the edge at prom in the iconic bloody scene, and she unleashes her powers on the school.

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