Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Professional Speaker Carolyn Maue Tops Multiple Amazon Bestseller Lists with ‘Gourmet Leadership’


Leadership coach Carolyn Maue’s debut book has reached the top spot on nine Amazon bestseller lists as organizations seek creative approaches to retaining employees and providing leaders with strategies during the Great Resignation.

With the big resignation underway, executive coach Carolyn Maue is on a mission to help leaders at all levels harness their passions and experiences to retain top talent and become more effective. His first book, “Gourmet Leadership: Turn Up the Heat of Your Secret Sauce!” provides a necessary solution to employee burnout and turnover with eight fundamental ingredients that all leaders need to be successful.

Popular because of its compelling culinary metaphor, “Gourmet Leadership” quickly rose to No. 1 on nine Amazon bestseller lists and ranked No. business management and leadership after its release late last month.

Inspired by interviews with chefs and food experts across the country, Maue wrote her book during the pandemic, comparing leadership traits between the best-in-class executive chefs and the best leaders in any industry. The result is a delightfully creative approach to a serious dilemma in people management: a lack of access to critical leadership training, leading to leadership mistakes, missed opportunities and lack of effectiveness, all impacting on employee engagement and retention.

In response, Maue offers an easy-to-digest, proven leadership playbook for seasoned executives and new leaders in any industry.

“All leaders need certain techniques to be effective, but the best leaders also know how to bring their unique perspective and talents – what I call their ‘secret sauce’ – to be memorable and motivating,” said Maue, who founded his own direction. consulting firm in 2004. “When you know that one of the main factors influencing an employee’s decision to stay or leave is their supervisor, leadership matters more than ever. »

Indeed, relationships and work environment matter more than compensating for employee attrition. Recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology research found “toxic culture” as the main driver of the big quit, along with job insecurity, reorganization, and non-recognition of employee performance.

As companies reaffirm their efforts to keep employees engaged and feeling valued, Maue’s book covers essential ingredients for related leadership success, including:

  • create a compelling vision;
  • discover strengths;
  • give and receive feedback;
  • move from doer to leader;
  • build the best team;
  • dealing with difficult people and conflict resolution; and
  • develop a leadership presence.

Drawing on her more than 25 years of experience in leadership coaching and people issues, Maue offers immediately applicable exercises and tools for leaders, providing them with shared opportunities to engage their teams and identify their “secret sauce” – their individual talents and interests that influence and increase effectiveness – all in an easy to read and use guide to bring out the best in leaders and those they supervise.

Leaders in many industries are already praising “Gourmet Leadership” for its unique approach to this universal and timely issue:

“Carolyn Maue serves up an epicurean feast for those looking to hone their leadership skills into an art.” — Diane Holder, President/CEO, UPMC Health Plan, Inc.

“Carolyn Maue has helped hundreds of people realize their potential through pragmatic, action-oriented support. In “Gourmet Leadership”, she makes these sustainable ideas fun and accessible with her own special sauce. — Dale Whittaker, Ph.D.Principal Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“The book contains nuggets of simple wisdom and stories that leaders can immediately apply with their teams to achieve their organizational vision.” — Pamela Nabors, President/CEO, CareerSource Central Florida

Or buy:

“Gourmet Leadership: Turn Up the Heat of Your Secret Sauce!” is available in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon.

About the Author:

Executive Coach Carolyn Maue partners with talented leaders to maximize their strengths by motivating their teams to innovate, solve complex problems, and position their organizations for growth. On a mission to “change the world one leader at a time,” Carolyn coaches forward-thinking leaders to inspire themselves and those around them to be the best they can be.

Known for her caring and sophisticated approach that combines leadership theory, practical strategies and personal experiences, Carolyn has over 25 years of experience in many industry sectors – healthcare, higher education, non-profit organizations, technology and human resources – leveraging individuals and organizations. ‘ Ability to bring about positive change.

In 2004, she founded the Maue Center to provide tailored approaches to leadership development. Carolyn is a sought-after speaker, she is a leadership consultant for the Florida Public Relations Association and is a member of the Alexcel Group, The Alliance for Leadership Excellence.

Learn more about Carolyn Maue, her book and her services at https://www.GourmetLeadershipBook.com and https://MaueCenter.com.

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