Forget Amazon, One Red Maple redirects consumers to local purchases


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A North Bay startup hopes to level the playing field for local retailers.

Content of the article

One Red Maple has announced the release of its new mobile application.

The app provides pop-up notifications redirecting consumers to local stores offering the same products as major online retailers.

“I’m looking at our struggling downtown in North Bay,” said Mark Sherry, president of One Red Maple.

“It has become increasingly difficult for our local stores to keep up with the infrastructure of these large companies. We’re just trying to level the playing field.”

Sherry said supporting local stores has never been easier.

“Suppose you are shopping on Amazon and find an item that you want to buy. One Red Maple’s technology, operating behind the scenes, can identify this item and find an exact or similar match in your local market,” he said.

“The algorithm is only getting better. You are one click away from supporting your city.

One Red Maple uses artificial intelligence to identify inventory and find an exact match.

The company said that if an exact match does not exist, One Red Maple aims to provide suggestions for helpful alternatives.

Additionally, the app functions as a search engine allowing consumers to buy directly from independent retailers.

The platform currently features businesses from North Bay, but will soon be expanding to include businesses from across Northern Ontario and the rest of Canada.


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