Forza Innovations Inc. Announces Acceptance by Amazon Seller Central to Begin Listing Forza Products


SAN DIEGO, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/November 23, 2022/ Forza Innovations Inc. (“Forza” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: FORZ) is delighted to announce that it has been officially accepted by Amazon Seller Central to begin listing Forza products. Forza plans to leverage the advantage when dealing with a major platform like Amazon, especially around flexible logistics options, brand-controlled retail pricing, and setting up a partnership with Amazon’s top dropshipping experts. “We look forward to capitalizing on Seller Central’s management and marketing strategies to influence performance and profitability,” said Garrett Morosky, vice president of Forza.

Being an Amazon Seller Central partner provides great value as it is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world that ships to over 100 countries. When the pandemic took the world by storm in 2020, it changed the way the world consumes. Ordering online became a necessity when people had no choice but to stay indoors. Amazon has seen record net sales over the past two years despite global supply chain disruption and continues to be a trusted online marketplace for many shoppers. Forza is looking forward to gaining access to the more than 200 million Amazon Prime members worldwide.

Our President Johnny Forzani says, “Having the ability to open a store on the largest platform in the world is a key step towards finalizing our sales and distribution channels. What makes our situation unique is the fact that we will be one of the few companies on Amazon that will offer a product that we have designed, created and patented in-house.”

Our President Johnny Forzani and Vice President Garrett Morosky come from a marketing and advertising background where SEO, PPC advertising, keyword research, etc. were first on the scene for e-commerce and major SERP (search engine results page) rankings. It will be a smooth transition to Amazon’s sophisticated search engine, while having world-class, innovative products that dominate today’s market space. Ranking high on Amazon’s SERP through SEO, keyword research, PPC ads, and high-quality content strategies will come easy for the dynamic duo.


Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC Pink: FORZ), is in the wearable performance business of health technology. Its offices are based in San Diego, California, and house an innovative health technology laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art industrial machinery specializing in the design and development of patented intellectual property. Our goal at Forza is to create world-class intellectual property and patent our products through utility and design protection.

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