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Buying gifts is not easy. You search online for great ideas, browse tons of products, and make tough choices. But sometimes the best gift is to let your loved ones choose what they want. Amazon gift cards are a great way to give them that luxury.

As impersonal as gift cards may seem, they are timeless and present endless possibilities because Amazon sells just about anything you can think of. So if you’re short on time and need a gift that doesn’t scream “I picked up this Chili’s gift card at the gas station on the way here,” an Amazon gift card is about as easy to find, but still let your friends and loved ones get something decent (besides a Trio Mix and Match Fajita).


The easiest place to get an Amazon gift card is ffrom the Amazon site. They are available in preset amounts of $10, $25, $50, and $100, but you can create custom values ​​from $1 to $2,000. If you are thinking of buying one, visit and go to gift cards. You’ll be able to shop by occasion or card type and have the gift card delivered to you via email, text message or in person – you even have the luxury of printing and distributing it yourself.

Third-Party Retailer Gift Cards

Besides, you can get gift cards from almost anywhere. Amazon has over 400 participating retail stores selling them. Follow the link to see the complete list with popular names like 7-Eleven, Best Buy, GameStop, Office Depot and Walgreens.

How to send a gift card online

Amazon eGift cards are by far the most convenient of the lot. Once you’ve decided on the details, all you have to do is get the card and send it. Here’s how:

1. Go to gift cards on landing page.

2. Scroll down a bit to Shop by card type options.

3. Choose Electronic gift cards.

4. Select a design of your choice.

  • Amazon offers a set of standard images and animated designs, but you can also upload custom media.

5. Select an amount and the delivery method (email or SMS).

  • While you can only text to one person, email allows you to add up to 999 recipients.

6. Include a personalized message if the default “Hope you enjoy this Amazon Gift Card!” doesn’t sound creative enough to you.

7. Choose the number of gift cards to send to recipients.

  • This option is only available if you have a single receiver. If there is more than one email, it automatically sends one to each person.

8. Choose a delivery date, which can range from immediately to a year later for email deliveries.

Note that options 7 and 8 are limited to gift cards sent via email as you can only send one card to a person at a time via SMS.

If you opt for physical gift cards instead of virtual cards, you will be able to choose the amount, packaging design and shipping location and have Amazon deliver them by mail. When it comes to designs, you can choose from gift boxes, gift bags, mini envelopes, reveal or greeting cards.

Any gift card purchased on will only be redeemable on the same platform. So, if you have people in foreign countries shopping on their respective Amazon websites, you may need to buy cards specifically on those platforms. It should also be noted that you cannot return and/or refund gift cards. But those caveats aside, Amazon gift cards are timeless (they never expire) and have no fees, making them one of the best items to gift to your loved ones.

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